Restaurant porto portugal

restaurant porto portugal

Where to eat in Porto?

Bilha Nova Restaurante 14. Do Norte cafe “... and smoked salmon and a big brunch ...” “... we had in Lisbon and Porto we enjoy...” 15. Meia-Nau Porto “Superb fish restaurant with very helpful...” 16. The Ribs “What a fantastic restaurant .” 17. Dama Pe de Cabra “... it vegetarian) and local cod cakes .” “Our best meal in Porto!”

Where to find the best seafood in Portugal?

In Porto, they concentrate near the Matosinhos Market, a fisherman’s paradise. O Gaveto is one of the best in the area. Percebes (barnacles), clams, carabineiro (red shrimp), and a myriad of sea creatures look as if they came straight from the aquarium to your plate.

Which are the best restaurants in Lisbon?

Le Monument Restaurant “We had the 14 course tasting menu with wine pairing and it was absolutely del...” “... of the uses products the sardines, oh my god the sardines !!! were such an...” 23. Oficina dos Rissois 24. O Buraquinho da Se “... soup and the cod, which is still ta...” 25. Brasao Foz “Great! Amazing staff” 27. Empanadas Malvon 28.

Where to eat octopus in Lisbon?

“The steak dinner and octopus were both...” 19. Petisqueira Voltaria 20. Ribeira Square “Everything is made freshly - if you love octopus, order the carpaccio as a co...” “We had a wonderful evening with octopus carpaccio, tasty seafood rice and bea...” 21. Brasao Aliados 22. Le Monument Restaurant

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