As it was

as it was

What is as it were?

as it were. A qualifier typically used in spoken English to emphasize that something is not exactly as it is being described. I practically work at home, as it were—the office is within walking distance of my house. Shes kind of my girlfriend, as it were, but were not official or anything. as one might say; as could be said.

What does the idiom as if it were so mean?

as it were Seemingly, in a way, as in He was living in a dream world, as it were. A shortening of as if it were so, this idiom has been in use since Chaucers time (he had it in his Nuns Priests Tale, c. 1386).

How do you use the word as is in a sentence?

as is as is as is as is as is as is as is as is condition as it comes As It Happens as it is as it is as it is as it is as it is as it is as it is as it just so happens As It Occurs to Me As It Should Be

What is the meaning of as could be said?

as one might say; as could be said. (Sometimes used to qualify an assertion that may not sound reasonable.) He carefully constructed, as it were, a huge submarine sandwich. The Franklins live in a small and, as it were, exquisite house.

What does the idiom “as it were” mean?

Hes flown from the nest, as it were. ... would indicate that a boy has left his parents house, via the flown from the nest idiom. But, why does as it were clarify that this is an idiom?

How do you use as it were in a sentence?

Define as it were. as it were synonyms, as it were pronunciation, as it were translation, English dictionary definition of as it were. adv. 1. To the same extent or degree; equally: The child sang as sweetly as a nightingale.

What is the meaning of the word as is?

as isInformal Just the way it is, with no changes or modifications: bought the samovar as is from an antique dealer. as it were In a manner of speaking; as if such were so. [Middle English, from Old English ealswā; see also.]

What doesas it weremean?

Definition of as it were. as it were. You say as it were in order to make what you are saying sound less definite. Id understood the words, but I didnt, as it were, understand the question.

How do you use as is my in a sentence?

Other uses of as is my might be: Im in need of corrective glasses, as is my wife. Im working all hours of the day, as is my partner. You can also use it with other words: I suffer from an addictive personality, as does my son. I drink a lot of coffee, as do my co-workers.

What is the difference between as and because?

As has a similar meaning to because. We use as to give the reason for a situation. As is more formal than because. We can use as at the beginning of a sentence: As he is on holiday [reason], it is not possible to get his signature on the letter. [situation]

Should you use is or are in a simple sentence?

You can tell which form to use based on the noun performing the verb. Singular nouns use is, while plural nouns use are. When you use the correct form of a verb that matches your subject, that’s called subject-verb agreement. It’s easier to tell whether you should use is or are in a simple sentence. For example:

When to use is instead of are in a sentence?

Here are some instances in which you should use is instead of are. Pronouns that end in - body or - one are known as singular indefinite pronouns. Even though everyone may seem plural, you’d choose is when using it in a sentence. Here are some examples of singular indefinite pronouns.

Synonyms & Antonyms of said (Entry 2 of 2) 1 to express (a thought or emotion) in words. why dont you just say whats on your mind?

What is the meaning of the word as?

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