Anita malfatti

anita malfatti

Who is Anita Malfatti?

Anita Malfatti was a renowned and widely celebrated Brazilian painter, designer, draftswoman and engraver. She is hailed and acclaimed as the first Brazilian artist to introduce European and American modernism in Brazil. Anita Malfatti was born as Ana Catarina Malfatti on December 2, 1889 in Sao Paula to a family of immigrants.

Why is Malfatti so famous?

With literary movements propelling the artistic explosion which was to become Brazilian modernism, Malfatti was painting in a time of political and social need for a fresh and creative artistic license.

How is Mariana Malfatti viewed in Brazil?

However, despite the fact that Malfatti was an artist riding the global wave of thought and style, in Brazil she was simply viewed as an alien artist with no link to the Brazilian culture. Therefore, Malfattis internationalism only further estranged her from Brazilians expectations of art and of her art in particular.

Did Maria Malfatti try to please her audience?

Malfatti is thought to have been rather discouraged from her reception of her highly debated exposition and so it would make sense that she would try to please her audience. However, at the same time, other artists such as Tarsila do Amaral were becoming highly evolved in their search for the Brazilian identity and culture.

Why was Mariana Malfattis Art celebrated in Brazil?

However, Malfattis art was celebrated by critics like Oswald de Andrade who had been familiar with Marinettis futurist manifesto in Europe and translated that to Brazilian culture because her artwork reflected true freedom of subject and style.

Who is Mariana Malfatti?

During the 1970s, Malfatti was an icon of Italian horror films, especially of demonic background. In the 1980s, her career focused on theatre, and in 1986 Alberto Moravia wrote specifically for her the drama La cintura. In 1990 she began a critically acclaimed collaboration with stage director Luigi Squarzina.

Who is Anita Malfatti?

Perhaps this is the most striking aspect of the portraits of women by Anita Malfatti, a Brazilian artist that I would like to present to you today. Anita Catarina Malfatti was born in 1889 in São Paulo. Anitas father was Italian but he, unfortunately, died during the girls childhood.

Why is Mariana Malfatti left-handed?

Due to a congenital defect that made her left arm nearly immobile, Malfatti was forced to paint right-handed even though she was left-handed. Nevertheless, Malfatti wasn’t deterred from her passion for the visual arts. Pursuing art in Brazil was limiting at that time.

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