What is Autodrive and how do I use it?

What is AutoDrive? AutoDrive is a free mod for FS22. It lets you record routes and set targets for vehicles on any map in the game. After you’ve created a network of routes and targets, you can hire drivers that will drive the routes automatically to targets set by you.

What is SAE Autodrive challenge?

This is an official page of SAE AutoDrive Challenge, a program of SAE International and General Motors. SAE International is a global association committed to being the ultimate knowledge source forthe engineering profession.


Welcome to SEW‑EURODRIVE! We have it all - from the gearmotors to the electronics and software that drives them. Think dynamic, precise, large, and powerful. We are a one-stop solutions provider.

What is drive technology?

Whether in conveyor belts, filling systems or container cranes: Our drive technology is a fixture in modern mechanical and plant engineering. We also keep our company moving, and play a key role in setting the course for drive technology.

How do you use Autodrive?

Use Autodrive as what it is: a hands-free mode. Set a waypoint, hit the autopilot button, and relax. We tend to set the controller down and make a cup of coffee (or tea, if you want a more immersive experience). Let the game do the work for you. Autodrive is also helpful if you have trouble driving on the correct (wrong) side of the road.

What is an Autodrive network?

AutoDrive networks are a collection of routes. Each route is made up of two things: Waypoints. Targets. The AI helpers you hire to drive for you automatically follow the waypoints to get to the targets. Your job is to create the waypoints and mark the targets.

What is Autodrive™ autonomous driving system applique?

The AutoDrive™autonomous driving system applique is the tried-and-tested autonomous driving kit that currently powers vehicles such as Local Motors’ Olli, Pratt & Miller’s shuttle and New Flyer buses. AutoDrive allows vehicles to drive on both pedestrian walkways and on public roads through pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Why does Autodrive include side routes in the calculation of routes?

When AutoDrive (AD) calculates a route for your driver, it uses the main routes network first. If it can’t find a working solution, only then will it include the side routes in the calculation. This is to minimize the performance impact of route calculation. This is how the targets are displayed on the map.


With a portfolio including all of the conventional types of gear unit and a variety of different sizes, SEW‑EURODRIVE provides you with a comprehensive modular gear unit system. Combined with our modular motor system and other components, they provide millions of combination options.


SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG is a German manufacturing company headquartered in Bruchsal, Germany. The company produces gear units, motors, Electric motor and inverter technology. Started with the designer Albert Obermoser.

Why choose Asew EURODRIVE?

SEW­ EURODRIVE produces gear units, motors, gearmotors and inverter technology in various sizes for diverse industries and applications. Not only does the company produce compact drives in the motor power range from 0.09 kW to 225 kW but also powerful industrial gear units with input torques of up to several million Nm.

What are the specs of the SEW-EURODRIVE Typ?

SEW-EURODRIVE Typ Nr. KW kg 73 50Hz 60Hz r/min Bremse KA77 DT 90L4 BMG MM15 MLU 010012345.6.00.00 1,5/50HZ V 380-500 V 380-500 22/1400 V 230 Ma 665 IEC 34 B3 0,99 3,50 3,50 54 F 64,75 Kl :1 Schmierstoff Bruchsal / Germany

What is electrical drive technology? Electrical drive technology converts electrical energy from the power supply system or from a battery into mechanical energy and transmits the resulting force into motion.

What is the function of a a drive?

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