Rfm somni

rfm somni

What is RFM Somnii?

About us | RFM SOMNII - The Biggest Sunset Ever! RFM SOMNII has almost a decade of stories and more than 600,000 visitors who already visited the biggest sunset ever, at one of the most beautiful beaches of the Portuguese coast, with access to the beach and to the sea.

What happened at RFM Somnii 2018?

Between July 6 and 8, all paths lead to Figueira da Foz for the 2018 edition of the RFM SOMNII – The Biggest Event Ever! Praia do Relógio was once again crowded with around 100 thousand spectators, a lot of music and dreams.

Can We celebrate the New Year together at RFM Somnii?

And we can tell you about one now: we will be able to celebrate the New Year together at a special RFM SOMNII event, supported by Figueira da Foz City Council. You can read the full announcement here!

When is the RFM Somnii 2021?

RFM Somnii 2021 takes place from Friday July 9 until Sunday July 11 2021. When can I enter the festival site? This is not known yet. When does the festival end? In the night of Sunday July 11 up to Monday July 12.

Whats new at RFM Somnii 2022?

RFM SOMNII returns to Praia do Relógio in Figueira da Foz in summer 2022 for the biggest sunset ever, and three days of EDM, harder styles, house, techno and trance.

What to do at RFM Somnii?

At RFM Somnii you will experience an unforgettable summer weekend on the coast. During this festival in the Portuguese seaside of Figueira da Foz you combine your beach holiday with the best beats of international artists surrounding you. Sit on the beach with your friends, grab your surfboard and watch the sunset into the sea.

How many acts will play at RFM Somnii?

15 acts will play at this festival. Electronic Festivals is providing you with hotels and Airbnbs at the lowest prices available online. Book your stay for RFM Somnii from the map below!

Where does RFM Somnii take place?

The RFM Somnii Festival takes place on the coast of Figueira da Foz, inbetween Porto and Lisbon. The area is known as a local seaside resort, which is also popular internationally. Figueira’s coastline may call itself one of the widest in Europe, which makes it possible to station the entire festival (including camping)...

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