Affidea amadora

affidea amadora

What is Affidea?

Affidea, the leading European provider of diagnostic im... Affidea, the leading European provider of diagnostic imaging, outpatient and cancer care services has today an... Affidea and Subtle Medical announce a strategic partnership to improve patient experience during PET/CT scans ...

Which countries have recently rebranded as Affidea?

Affidea Croatia is one of the latest countries to rebrand its services just last month. Along with the rebranding came the complete refurbishment of the centre in Za... Portugal rebrands! Following swiftly on from Croatia, Portugal soon became the next addition to the Affidea family as the country rebranded its operations.

Why choose Affidea Romania?

Affidea Romania has successfully implemented a massive, interdisciplinary project to digitize the patient journey in their centers, offering patients a seamless... Affidea CEO interview with Torino Magazine, Italy We use the best technology and the best medical know-how, built on the unique skills of over 9 thousand ...

Who is the CEO of Affidea?

Giuseppe Recchi, Affidea CEO, participated at the Healthcare Business International Conference in London, one ... Pan-European diagnostic imaging specialist Affidea has entered into its first partnership with an AI company. We talk to CEO Giuseppe Recchi.

Who is the new country manager for Romania at Affidea?

Affidea Group, the largest European provider of diagnostic imaging, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Răzvan Predica as the new Country Manager for Affidea’s operations in Romania.

Why choose Affidea?

Affidea −nothing is more important than health Affidea is a highly successful pan-European medical service provider offering premium diagnostic imaging, cancer detection and cancer treatment services working only with state-of-the-art technology and experienced medical professionals.

Why did Affidea buy CT clinic in Romania?

Mesut Goral, Senior VicePresident Affidea CEE Region and Country Manager Interim Romania, stated: „CT Clinic acquisition proves our commitment to cancer care, offering a wider and more integrated access to high quality medical care for Romanian oncological patients.

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