Spotify blend

spotify blend

What are blends on Spotify?

Blends allow you and one other friend to create a personalized playlist, featuring songs tailored to each of your individual tastes. Here is how you and your friends can create your very own Spotify Blends.

How do I leave a Spotify blend on Android?

This opens the invite on the Spotify app. On the app, tap Go to Blend. Go to the Blend and tap (Android) / (iPhone). Select View Blend story. Tap Share this story. Go to the Blend and tap (Android) / (iPhone). Select Leave Blend .

How do I invite a friend to join my Spotify blend?

Tell your friend to join your Blend. Once you send your link to a friend, all they have to do is click the link to accept your invite. Spotify will then generate a playlist combining both of your musical interests.

How to use Spotify made for You?

Visit the Made for You hub on your Spotify app. Head to the Search tab on your mobile device’s Spotify App. It is represented by a magnifying glass, situated at the bottom of your screen. Then, click on the Made for You icon, listed just beneath the “Browse all” section of the screen.

What is Spotify blend and how does it work?

Spotify Blend, which launched in beta in June 2021, is an easy way to create a playlist that features a combo of two users’ listening preferences. The best part is, Spotify does all the work to create your new Blend using its personalization features, and the playlist will even change daily based on what users stream so that it’s always up-to-date.

Can you make combined playlists with Spotify blend?

If you’re ready for a new social listening experience, here’s how to use Spotify Blend to make combined playlists and check your taste match level with a bestie. Spotify Blend, which launched in beta in June 2021, is an easy way to create a playlist that features a combo of two users’ listening preferences.

How do I explore my new Spotify blend?

Explore your new Spotify Blend! Each Blend you create will remain listed at the top of your Made for You page, so you can revisit the playlists anytime. As you scroll through the curated playlist, you may notice both your profile picture and that of your friend next to each song.

What are blend playlists and how do they work?

We launched Blend Playlists in betain early June as anew way for two users to merge their musical tastes into one shared playlist made just for them, making it even easier for users to connect, discover, and bond over the music they love with one another.

How do I send a Spotify blend to a friend?

Send an invite to a friend. The Create a Blend landing page includes an Invite button. Tap it to receive a unique link that you can send to someone else. Spotify Blends only work between two users, so you cannot send the link to a group chat or post it on social media in hopes of creating a mega-playlist.

How do I invite a friend to a blend?

You can invite up to 10 friends in a Blend. In Search , enter “ Blend ” and tap the first result. Select Create a Blend. Tap Invite and send it to friends. In your playlists, tap the Blend. Tap . Select Invite more and send it to friends. Blend with your favorite artist and see how your music tastes match.

How do I invite someone to listen to Spotify on my phone?

To get started, open the Spotify app and tap the “Made For You” card from the “Search” tab. Next, scroll down to the “Made for Two” section and select “Create a Blend.” On the following screen, tap the “Invite” button. Your device’s Share menu will appear, allowing you to select the method for which you’d like to invite someone.

How do I share a Spotify playlist with a friend?

Send the link and have your friend open it on their own phone and tap the Join option that appears. Once your friend joins in, the Spotify app will automatically generate a Blend playlist with custom cover art and a song list for two of you based on your listening preferences and tastes.

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