Things to do in cascais

things to do in cascais

What to do in Cascais in Portugal?

If you’d rather stay busy than lay on the beach, surfing is one of the best things to do in Cascais with waves and conditions for all skill levels. Don’t forget to check out all the best outdoor adventures in Portugal!

Is Cascais a beach town or a town?

Just calling it a beach town would sell Cascais short, but its seaside location is definitely the best part. The rocky coastline is lovely and scattered with viewpoints where you can stop and stare. There are four major beaches in Cascais (with plenty more nearby!) speckled with sunbathers and picnicking families.

Why is Cascais so special?

And when you walk around Cascais, it feels that idyllic, too. The town once favored as a retreat for Portuguese royals has maintained a certain old world charm that is particularly hard to come by.

What is Centro Historico de Cascais?

Centro Historico de Cascais The former fishing village gained fame as a resort for Portugals royal family in the late 19th century and early 20th… 2. Guincho Beach A spectacular stretch of coastline guarded by dramatic sand dunes - which have, allegedly, featured in a Bond movie.

What is special about Cascais?

Cascais. Cascaiss history as a cosmopolitan haven for the rich and famous originates in the 1870s, when King Luís I of Portugal and the Portuguese royal family made the seaside town their summer residence, thus attracting members of the Portuguese aristocracy, who established a summer community there.

What is the population of Cascais in Portugal?

The population in 2011 was 206,479, in an area of 97.40 km 2. Cascais is an important tourist destination. Its marina hosts events such as the Americas Cup and the town of Estoril, part of the Cascais municipality, hosts conferences such as the Horasis Global Meeting .

What to do in Cascais Portugal?

The Museum Quarter features works from notable Portuguese artists; be sure to stop by the Centro Cultural de Cascais, a 17th century convent that hosts a number of concerts and events. The Castro Guimarães museum is one of the prettiest buildings in Cascais.

What happened to the citadel of Cascais?

During the invasion of Portugal by Napoleonic troops in 1807, the citadel of Cascais was occupied by the French, with General Junot staying some time in the village. The citadel decayed gradually until King Luís I decided to make Cascais into his summer residence.

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