Monserrate palace

monserrate palace

Where is the palace of Monserrate?

On the road to Colares, just 2 km west of the historic village of Sintra and a short drive from Lisbon, lies the delightful Palace of Monserrate, one of the most impressive examples of Romantic architecture in Portugal.

Why visit the palace of Monserrate in Lisbon?

The palace itself gives the impression that the Orient has moved to the Sintra hills. The exotic and plant motifs decorating the building are a perfect complement to the plants and exuberant decorative elements in the gardens. Greenhouses, bridges, statues, waterfalls and fountains make Monserrate a must-visit place on your stay in Lisbon.

What is the Palacio de Monserrate in Sintra?

The Palacio de Monserrate is one of the finest attractions of Sintra, but it is also one of the least visited. Monserrate lies 3.5km from the centre of Sintra and as it less famous than the Pena or National palaces, meaning it is sadly overlooked by most visitors.

Is the park of Monserrate open to the public?

In 1995 Sintra Hills, including the Park of Monserrate, was defined as a World Heritage Cultural Landscape by UNESCO. The management of the Park of Monserrate was taken over by the Sintra Park in 2000 and its recovery and restoration program enabled the Palace to re-open to the public.

What is Monserrate Palace in Sintra like?

Unlike the most popular palaces in Sintra, Monserrate Palace is fairly modern. Although the grounds of Monserrate have had a handful of owners over the years, it wasn’t until wealthy English merchant Francis Cook purchased the grounds in 1856 that the idea of the Monserrate of today was born.

Where is the park and Palace of Monserrate located?

The Park and Palace of Monserrate is located on the road that connects the center of the town centre of Sintra to Colares (EN375).

How do I get to the Palacio de Monserrate?

The Palacio de Monserrate is 3.5km to the west of the historic centre of Sintra, and is served by the 435 tourist bus service. This bus departs from Sintra train station, passes through the historic centre of Sintra and ends at the entrance to Monserrate.

What is the Monserrate Palace in Portugal?

The Monserrate Palace ( Portuguese: Palácio de Monserrate) is a palatial villa located near Sintra, the traditional summer resort of the Portuguese court in the foothills overlooking the Atlantic Ocean north of the capital, Lisbon.

Why visit the Palácio de Monserrate?

The Palácio de Monserrate is part of the UNESCO World Heritage cultural landscape in Sintra and located in a fertile 30-acre park. The palace is noted for its Romantic and Moorish revival architecture.

Why visit the park of Monserrate in Sintra?

The Portuguese government acquired the property and the palace in 1949 before, a few years later, the Park and Palace of Monserrate were classified as a Property in the Public Interest. They form a key part of the Cultural Landscape of Sintra ranked by UNESCO as World Heritage in 1995.

Where is the park and Palace of Monserrate located?

The Park and Palace of Monserrate is located on the road that connects the center of the town centre of Sintra to Colares (EN375).

What to see in Parque de Sintra in Madrid?

You have direct access to Parque e Palácio de Monserrate. Unlike the other sights in Parque de Sintra, this palace has no Moorish influences, it was built in the late 18th century by an English businessman called Mr. Cook. The exterior of the palace is stunningly beautiful, and the inside is no less pretty.

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