Pena aventura park

pena aventura park

What to do in Pena Aventura Park?

PENA AVENTURA PARK offers lively activities and adventure sports located in Ribeira de Pena - Vila Real, designated for all types of people who like to practice activities while being in contact with nature. Pena Aventura Park is suitable for all age groups and will have the most diverse activities in the open field.

What is the new Pena Adventure Park in Vila Real?

PENA ADVENTURE PARK The new park is the recreational activities and Sports Adventure located in Ribeira de Pena, Vila Real district, for all sorts of people who enjoy getting active in touch with nature. This will certainly be a park for all ages and will have the most varied activities in the open,...

What is a bungalow in Pena Aventura Park like?

Pena Aventura Park offers 3 bungalows (The squirrel, The frog and The Owl) build in wood that are fully equipped with kitchen utensils, heating, and bed linens. Each bungalow has two rooms with a maximum capacity of 6 people per unit.

Why choose Pena Aventura?

Give the first step and come enjoy this relaxing contact with nature! Come explore nature and discover the many challenges we have for ourselves. Conviviality, Emotion and Fun! Pena Aventura, a place where adventure never ends!

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