Uniqlo lisbon

uniqlo lisbon

What to know about Uniqlo?

Learn about Uniqlo : corporate information, business overview, management policy … ABOUT UNIQLO UNIQLO is a clothing apparel company, which was originally founded in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1949 as a textiles manufacturer. Now it is a global brand with over 1000 stores around the world.

How many Uniqlo stores are there in Belgium?

The first Belgian Uniqlo store opened in October 2015 at Meir, Antwerp. A second store followed at the Wijnegem Shopping Center on 25 March in the same year. 19 October 2017 saw the opening of a third store in Brussels. There were 4 stores in Belgium as of 31 August 2021.

Does Uniqlo have a store in Bangladesh?

There is also a Uniqlo store in the Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, Victoria. Uniqlo started its first store in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 5 July 2013. There it is known as Grameen Uniqlo, owing to its social business concept joint venture with Grameen Bank.

Is Uniqlo coming back to Singapore?

Uniqlo opened its first store in Singapore on 9 April 2009 in Tampines 1, which has been closed down on 17 January 2021 and instead, a new store at Tampines Mall was opened on 5 February 2021 and has the similar format as Bugis+, ION Orchard, Orchard Central and Plaza Singapura which has two floors, one for men and one for women.

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