Restaurante cabana

restaurante cabana

What is a Cabana in Rome?

A Cabana faz parte da fileira de restaurantes que ilegalmente se foram instalando na duna da praia de Apúlia, em Esposende, nas últimas décadas, sendo que logo se destaca por um certo ambiente de romaria à porta.

Why choose Cabana?

Established since 2015, Cabana has experienced some very nice and positive changes. A lot of care and thought has gone in to convert it to something our customers will enjoy and recommend. We consider ourselves to be an international restaurant, with dishes from Asia, Italy, Spain, England and Sweden.

What is the best sea food at Cabanas?

“Cabanas has access to very good, local sea food and my partners king prawns w...” 7. The Jolly Sailor “Great food - recommend the Prawn Curry and Banana Rice!”

What makes a good Cabana?

Close your eyes and imagine a traditional, almost primitive hut. That’s the basic design of a cabana, which hasn’t changed much over the years: Triangular or angled roof. At least one open wall. Allows for easy privacy (for example, curtains can be drawn closed over the open side).

What is the difference between a pavilion and a cabana?

Allows for easy privacy (for example, curtains can be drawn closed over the open side). Much smaller than, say a pergola, cabanas are more about quick function (such as changing into a bathing suit or grabbing a quick drink) vs. lengthy relaxation. Pavilions come in all shapes and sizes.

What is the difference between a gazebo and a cabana?

Unlike a gazebo, which is typically open air on all sides, cabanas have three walls and one open side facing the water. These freestanding structures act as shady refuges for folks looking for a private place to change into their swimsuits or hide from the sun. You don’t have to be near a beach or a pool to find a cabana, though.

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