Yellow bus tour lisbon

yellow bus tour lisbon

What is the best way to get around Lisbon?

Multiple curated hop-on hop-off bus routes and a Tagus River tour check off a long list of Lisbon highlights. Since the pass includes use of Lisbon’s trams, funicular, and airport bus, it’s a great way to save on transport costs while covering lots of ground.

How to see Lisbon in one day?

See Lisbon by bus, tram, and boat with a 72-hour, all-access pass that lets you explore the city’s neighborhoods and landmarks. Multiple curated hop-on hop-off bus routes and a Tagus River tour check off a long list of Lisbon highlights.

Why go on a tour in Lisbon?

But we also provide the more exclusive and unique as well, such as the red tram we run in Lisbon. By means of the tours we operate, we aim to provide a unique experience to those who visit us, ensuring they discover the citys main points of interest, and the chance to uncover the “citys essence”, its sound, sights, smells and sensations.

What makes Lisbon unique?

Discover with us the secrets and places that make Lisbon unique. In a panoramic bus, from the historical area to the monumental Belém quarter, surrounded by monuments that tell the story of the Portuguese Discoveries, to the most recent area of the city, Parque das Nações.

How to travel in Lisbon?

Relying on the metros, buses and trams of Lisbon is one of the most cost efficient and flexible manners of discovering the city, since Carris, the main company in charge with managing the public surface transport of Lisbon, makes available a wide range of tickets and passes, as well multiple means of paying for the transport services.

Do I need a Lisboa card in Lisbon?

It covers all transportation within Lisbon (except for the special AeroBus from/to the airport), as well as trains to Cascais and Sintra. Those who choose not to acquire the Lisboa Card, will need the Viva Viagem. It’s a magnetic card that can be purchased from the machines at any metro station.

Is Uber cheap to use in Lisbon?

Uber is very cheap in Lisbon (in comparison to the other Western European countries) and in certain cases can work out even cheaper than public transport. The metro and bus networks in Lisbon aren’t bad but it can take quite a bit of time to get from point A to point B.

What is the best way to travel in Portugal?

The national rail company is CP (Comboios de Portugal), which connects the capital to the major cities of the country. The Intercidades is a comfortable service, but the fastest (with fewer stops) is the Alfa Pendular. Overnight trains connect Lisbon to Madrid. Always validate your ticket before boarding the trains.

Why visit Lisbon?

Our travel guide includes all the information you need to plan a great holiday in Lisbon. Why visit Lisbon? Lisbon is a fascinating city full of history, monuments, impressive bridges and vintage street cars. And these are just a few of the reasons that make it an extremely interesting city to visit and a place you will want to return to.

How much does it cost to visit Lisbon?

Visiting Lisbon is relatively inexpensive and you can find low-cost flights from the UK for just £30 ($36, 34€) and hotels from £55 ($78, 65€). Where do I begin? If you’ve never been to Lisbon before, we recommend you read about its history followed by its neighbourhoods and its top attractions.

Is Lisbon safe to visit?

Tourists are always automatic targets in all big cities and visitors should beware of pickpocketing in Lisbon, but serious random violent crime is practically unheard of in this city.

What to do in Portugal?

VARIETY: Its surroundings offer an incredible variety of tourist attractions, from fairytale palaces in one of Europes most romantic towns ( Sintra ), to world-class golf and fun in Europes largest casino in Estoril, to surfing in Cascais or escaping to a natural park in Arrábida, to dolphin-watching in Setúbal.

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