Pltr stock

pltr stock

What do analysts think about Palantir (pltr) stock?

In the world of big data, Palantir (PLTR) is one of the most sought-after stocks in the market today. That said, investors seem to be rather divided on their opinion of Palantir, as far as the company’s near-term outlook is concerned. What’s intriguing about Palantir is the relatively even spread of analyst opinion on this stock.

Is pltr the only stock that will close red Tomorrow?

Sign in to post a message. PLTR, the only stock that has a 96% chance of closing red tomorrow. until these guys stop diluting there shares were never going to see any upside here. My face and the rest of retail owners of PLTR TODAY! two words: what HAPPENED?

Is pltr at a crossroads?

PLTR is at a crossroads, and the narrowing Bollinger bands confirm this. You can see the current setup has happened before according to the boxes. Its almost identical. The blue arrows show the points recently where the bands narrowed, volume/volatility dropped, and was... Palantir ready to go up? Follow me for trading ideas

What is the price targets for Palantir Tech (pltr)?

$PLTR Palantir Tech Price Targets: 1. $27 2. $29 3. $32 PLTR has been seeing some strong declines over the past month making lower lows and lower highs and formed a classic falling wedge which is a bullish pattern.

Is Palantir (pltr) stock headed to $20?

That’s according to Monness Crespi Hardt analyst Brian White, who recently initiated coverage of Palantir, rating PLTR stock a “buy” with a $20 price target. Based on the closing price of $12.98 for the April 11 session, this forecast represents an upside of 58%.

What are analysts price targets for Palantir Technologies?

According to 5 analyst offering 12-month price targets in the last 3 months, Palantir Technologies has an average price target of $15.2 with a high of $20.00 and a low of $10.00. Below is a summary of how these 5 analysts rated Palantir Technologies over the past 3 months.

Why isnt Palantir a strong buy?

The main reason we decided not to give Palantir a Strong Buy rating has to do primarily with some of the red flags we see when it comes to financial reporting, combined with a general lack of transparency that management occasionally exhibits.

Who is Palantir Technologies?

Palantir Technologies has only been the subject of 3 research reports in the past 90 days. Palantir Technologies Inc. builds and deploys software platforms for the intelligence community in the United States to assist in counterterrorism investigations and operations.

Are the fundamentals of pltr stock good?

In reality, the fundamentals of PLTR stock are rock solid. The company is still growing, so it is expensive from the traditional perspective. That doesn’t bother me in a stock at this stage of development.

Can pltr continue its 30% revenue CAGR cadence despite a slowing economy?

Therefore, its critical for the company to communicate its ability to continue its 30% revenue CAGR cadence despite a slowing economy. Even though management has not deviated or revised its revenue guidance, the market has de-rated PLTR significantly since November 2021 (down more than 60% from its November highs).

Should you buy pltr at $10?

However, investors should note that PLTR is testing a critical dynamic resistance at $10. 50 and attempting to maintain above its previous near-term resistance of $8. 90. Therefore, its vital for PLTR to continue consolidating along the current levels without losing its buying momentum.

Is Palantir (pltr) stock headed for a recession?

Palantir stock has outperformed the market since we published our previous Buy rating. Therefore, we believe the market has likely priced in a recessionary scenario for PLTR.

The average twelve-month price target for Palantir Technologies is $24.00 with a high price target of $34.00 and a low price target of $15.00. Learn more Do Wall Street analysts like Palantir Technologies more than its competitors? Analysts like Palantir Technologies stock less than the stock of other Business Services companies.

How does Palantir Technologies (pltr) stock rank on Wall Street?

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