Benfica vs salzburg youth league

benfica vs salzburg youth league

Can Salzburg repeat 2017 final win against Benfica?

Salzburg hope to repeat their 2017 final win against Benfica, who on Monday go for a first title in their record-equalling fourth decider. Salzburg take on Benfica in Mondays UEFA Youth League final at Nyons Colovray Stadium five years on from the same clubs meeting in the 2017 decider.

How did Benfica win the UEFA Youth League?

Benfica produced a relentless and clinical performance to beat Salzburg 6-0 and secure the UEFA Youth League trophy for the first time. Benfica had reached the final on three previous occasions only to fall at the last hurdle, including against Salzburg in the 2017 decider.

Will Salzburg join Barcelona on the Champions League Trophy roll of Honour?

That day Marco Roses Salzburg won 2-1 against a Benfica side containing João Félix and Rúben Dias among others. That was the second of Benficas three final defeats to date but they now hope to put that right and join Salzburg, as well as Barcelona, Chelsea, Porto and Real Madrid, on the roll of honour as the eighth tournament edition concludes.

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