Mozart funchal

mozart funchal

Who was Mozart?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (n. 27 ianuarie 1756, Salzburg - d. 5 decembrie 1791, Viena) a fost un compozitor austriac, unul din cei mai prodigioși și talentați creatori în domeniul muzicii clasice. Anul 2006, cu ocazia jubileului a 250 de ani de la nașterea compozitorului, în Austria și Germania a fost cunoscut ca „Anul muzical Mozart”.

Where to eat in Funchal?

Mozart Restaurant. Situated in one of the most emblematic areas of Funchal - the Old Town, the Mozart Restaurant with a decoration taken to the detail, in a style reminiscent of the Classical season, lives in a refined atmosphere and at the same time familiar, with attention to detail and a team that although young is very experienced playing...

What makes Mozart’s special?

What makes Mozart’s special is the combination of excellent service (my wine glass never appeared to empty), fantastic food and the general experience. Service is at a nice pace, you are offered a complimentary glass of sparkling wine, before bread and an amuse bouche. The staff (and Mr and Mrs Mozart) are attentive but not overbearing.

What is restaurant Mozart?

Restaurant Mozart is born of a perfect symphony between Rui Pedro, Renato, the Telesforo and all elements of the orchestra every day color the sound of the strings violin sprawling on the wall beside the great figures of the music classical. This name is a tribute to Madeira restoration.

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