Pink street bars

pink street bars

Where to drink in Lisbon’s Pink Street?

Another popular spot in Lisbon’s trendy Pink Street is the casual and inviting, 4 Caravelas Cocktail Bar. The cocktail mixtures are the bartender’s specialty and despite its location, the bar feels more like an intimate neighborhood bar. Try one of their daily specials for €5.

Where is pink Street in São Paulo?

Rua Nova do Carvalho, or Pink Street, is hidden across the road from Cais do Sodré Station, which is the last stop of the green line of the metro. The street leads to Praça de São Paulo, which is a stop of tram 25, which operates during the day on weekdays.

Where to find the best coffee in Como?

L’Essenza Caffetteria di Como 21. Caffe Del Corso “Tasty breakfast, friendly staff!” 22. Martinez 23. Circolo degli Anziani 24. Bar Roma 25. Bar La Quinta 26. Bar non solo caffe 27. Pura Vida Bar “Could try harder..”

Which London cafe has the pinkest countertop?

The Knightsbridge cafe opened in December 2018, and is the pinkest offering to date, with the coffee counter modelled like a carousel (pink horses included, naturally). The piece-de-resistance is two booths embedded into a wall of giant plastic Love Hearts.

What is Lisbon’s Pink Street?

Lisbon’s Pink Street on Rua Nova do Carvalho is one such place breaming with clubs, bars, and restaurants. Rua Nova do Carvalho turned “Pink Street” as part of a rehabilitation project in 2011 to turn former Lisbon red light district into a trendy spot for nightlife.

Where to drink wine in Lisbon?

Espumantaria do Cais Espumantaria do Cais is a wine and cocktail bar in Pink Street that has a variety of drinks, but mostly clear sparkling wine, and a full menu of petiscos (Portuguese appetizers) so you can snack while you drink.

Where to go at night in Lisbon?

Pink Street in Lisbon is an instagrammable spot in the city. We love photography so much and it was nice to explore this side of Lisbon. Rua Nova do Carvalho is one of the many souls of nightlife in Lisbon . We have tried to help with a complete guide on the pink street Lisbon.

What to do in Cais do Sodre in Lisbon?

Pink street in Cais do Sodre is notorious for its late-night bars, cafes and restaurants and is a hub for tourists. The street is named pink due to pink colored pavement. Here, we list down the top ten restaurants on Lisbon’s Pink Street which you should check out during your visit to this fascinating place:

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