Scp city

scp city

What does SCP stand for?

Sporting Clube de Portugal ComC MHIH OM (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈspɔɾtĩɡ(ɨ) ˈkluβ(ɨ) ðɨ puɾtuˈɣaɫ]) (Euronext: SCP), or Sporting CP, is a Portuguese sports club based in Lisbon that is best known for its football team.

What is SCP escape from the facility?

The game is about a facility containing anomalous entities known as SCPs. When a catastrophic containment breach occurs at a facility, your goal is to get out of the facility. Try to escape with your friends!

What is site-19 SCP?

The game is about a facility called Site-19 containing anomalous entities known as SCPs. When a catastrophic containment breach occurs at a facility, your main goal is to get out of the facility.

What are the scp-5442 and scp-5506?

SCP-5442 - Una Rama Escindida de la Oficina de Alcohol, Tabaco, Armas de Fuego y Explosivos SCP-5462 - La Miseria es el Estado de Toda Alma Abrumada por la Mortalidad SCP-5493 - Así es como muere la democracia… con una estruendosa masa SCP-5506 - La Mejor Parte de Despertar es Manifestar Un Nuevo Dios

Is the SCP Foundation the same as the SCP?

It can stand for both, but normally SCP is refering to The S.C.P Foundation 6 Share ReportSave level 2 · 4 yr. ago Even then, in universe the foundation is never referred to as the SCP Foundation.

What does secure mean in SCP?

Secure. Contain. Protect. Special Containment Procedures It is the motto of The SCP Foundation, which keeps supernatural entities or objects from affecting normal human life. The classes-Safe: Can be contained easily. Euclid: Abnormal entities or objects that can be contained easily following specific orders.

What is an SCP file?

On the SCP Wiki, the majority of works consist of thousands of SCP files (short for Special Containment Procedures), which are confidential quasi-scientific reports that document an SCP object and the means of keeping it contained.

What is the SCP game about?

The game has a procedurally generated play area and features multiple popular SCPs from the SCP Foundation Wiki. The player controls a Class-D personnel as he attempts to escape an underground research and containment facility operated by the SCP Foundation amidst a total containment breach of its hazardous anomalies, designated SCPs.

What is site 19 B in SCP?

The facility. Located beneath Mount Lazaro on Duke Island, Alaska, United States, Site-19-B is a SCP Foundation “super-site” responsible for the mass containment of many anomalies in the United States (although not restricted to the US only).

What is site-19?

Site-19 is an SCP Foundation facility and currently the largest site in operation. It houses hundreds of Safe and Euclid class SCPs and is the most well known of the many sites under Foundation control.

Is SCP site 19 community content available under CC-BY-SA?

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Be the first to comment on SCP Site 19 Map! Lets Go Luna! Wiki

What is the largest SCP site?

Site-19 is considered the largest site in SCP Foundation operation. Due to this, most of the Safe and Euclid class anomalies in Foundation containment are held here. One possible location for Site-19 is approximately 35 kilometers northwest of Lansing, Michigan .


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