Just sushi evora

just sushi evora

How to get to Évora?

Évora can be reached by bus or train, with the construction of a high-speed train link to Lisbon and Madrid is planned. There is a small airfield, the Évora Municipal Airport, currently without commercial airline service.

What happened to Évora?

The court of the first and second dynasties resided here for long periods, constructing palaces, monuments, and religious buildings. Évora became the scene for many royal weddings and a site where many important decisions were made. In the 19th century, Évora declined in national power, as a result of the War of Two Brothers.

What does Évora mean?

Évora (US: /ˈɛvʊrə/ EV-uurr-ə, Portuguese: [ˈɛvuɾɐ] (listen); Proto-Celtic: *Ebora) is a city and a municipality in Portugal.

What is the seat of the municipality of Évora?

The seat of the municipality is the city of Évora, composed by the civil parishes of Évora (São Mamede, Sé, São Pedro e Santo Antão) in the historical centre and the urban parishes of Bacelo e Senhora da Saúde and Malagueira e Horta das Figueiras outside the ancient city walls where most of the population in fact reside.

How do I get to Évora by train or bus?

Both the train and the bus take just over 90 minutes to reach Évora, but the bus is the cheaper option. However, the train journey can be more pleasant than going down a highway, and it does offer more leg room.

When is the best time to visit Evora?

It is usually best to visit Évora during the warm spring or autumn months. Although the winters are typically quite mild, there is the chance of grey or wet days, so early spring is considered the best time to visit Evora.

Where is Évora located?

To visit Évora, you will be venturing into the Alentejo, a beautiful region in central Portugal renowned for its delicious food and beautiful countryside. Évora is actually the capital of this region, (Alentejo literally means “beyond Tagus”, a river which begins in Spain and meets the ocean in Lisbon).

How far is it from Lisbon to Évora?

The distance between Lisbon and Évora is 108 km. The road distance is 134.1 km. How do I travel from Lisbon to Évora without a car? The best way to get from Lisbon to Évora without a car is to train which takes 1h 25m and costs €10 - €15.

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What are the highlights of Evora?

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