Dustin hoffman

dustin hoffman

How old is Dustin Hoffman?

Written By: Dustin Hoffman, (born August 8, 1937, Los Angeles, California, U.S.), acclaimed American actor known for his versatile portrayals of antiheroes and vulnerable types.

What was Dustin Hoffmans first movie?

Dustin Hoffman filmography. American actor Dustin Hoffman began his career by appearing in an episode of Naked City in 1961. His first theatrical performance was 1961s Shmem needs a shink as Ridzinski. Following several guest appearances on television, he starred in the 1966 play Eh?; his performance garnered him both a Theatre World Award ...

What awards has Dustin Hoffman won?

In 2012, Dustin Hoffman received Kennedy Center Honors, with the following commendation: Dustin Hoffmans unyielding commitment to the wide variety of roles he plays has made him one of the most versatile and iconoclastic actors of this or any other generation.

What did Elizabeth Marvel say about Dustin Hoffman?

Actress Elizabeth Marvel introduced Hoffman where she talked about the influence hes had over her career and stated, His work is never anything less than extraordinary. Hoffman said that, when they were young and single, he and fellow actor and close friend Robert Duvall were obsessed with sex. As acting students,

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