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quadrante group

Why work for Quadrante?

It aims to reinforce its capacity to attract and retain exceptional employees, providing unique opportunities for development and responsibility. In order to do so, QUADRANTE evolves as a global provider of Engineering and Architecture services aiming to become a benchmark company in the sector.

How does Quadrante Group track IP addresses?

The QUADRANTE GROUP does not link the numbers of IP addresses with any piece of data that would enable identifying a specific person; that is, the users visit is recorded without the QUADRANTE GROUP gaining direct access to the identity of such person. How we use cookies? Active

What cookies does the Quadrante Group use?

The Quadrante Group uses customisation cookies to constitute a repository of statistical and anonymous data on the browsing activity and routines of its users, in order to analyse and present enhancements to the website to improve the user’s access and experience. These cookies are installed by Google.

What are the four quadrants and why are they important?

Instead, using the four quadrants, you know that you only have to work on tasks in the first quadrant, making it a lot easier to focus your effort. Linear lists are good for capturing ideas that do not have dates and time, but lack good categorization. In a post-it’s system, you are working on important or urgent things.

What is a frame quadrant used for?

A large frame quadrant at the Beijing Ancient Observatory. It was constructed in 1673. A quadrant is an instrument that is used to measure angles up to 90°. Different versions of this instrument could be used to calculate various readings, such as longitude, latitude, and time of day.

What is a quadrant in astronomy?

The quadrant condensed the workings of the astrolabe into an area one fourth the size of the astrolabe face; it was essentially a quarter of an astrolabe. One of the earliest accounts of a quadrant comes from Ptolemys Almagest around AD 150.

What is quadrant?

Quadrant is a cutting-edge platform designed to allow data professionals to obtain and utilize high-quality, authentic data. Quadrant works with businesses and governments to pinpoint their specific needs and provides solutions that allow these organisations to optimise and tailor the data itself and use it to solve problems.

What is quadrant protocol (QP)?

The Quadrant Protocol “stamps” data at its source with a unique signature, so any data point that has been stamped can be traced and verified back to its origin at any time, ensuring all stamped data is provably authentic.

What are persistent cookies and how are they used?

Persistent cookies are used for two primary purposes: 1 Authentication. These cookies track whether a user is logged in and under what name. They also streamline login... 2 Tracking. These cookies track multiple visits to the same site over time. Some online merchants, for example, use... More ...

What is data stored in cookies?

Data stored in a cookie is created by the server upon your connection. This data is labeled with an ID unique to you and your computer. When the cookie is exchanged between your computer and the network server, the server reads the ID and knows what information to specifically serve to you.

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