Activobank near me

activobank near me

How many branches does Banco ActivoBank SA have in Portugal?

In 2020 Banco ActivoBank, SA had 16 branches in Portugal. The value didnt change compared to the previous period (2019). The evolution of the number of branches of Banco ActivoBank, SA is shown at Chart 1 below. Chart 1. Branches of Banco ActivoBank, SA.

Why choose ActivoBank?

ActivoBank is #1 Consumers Choice for Digital Banking for the fourth consecutive time. ActivoBank was distinguished with the “Consumer Choice” award in the “Digital Banking” category. Award given in January 2022, by ConsumerChoice – Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Center. Valid until December 2022.

How much does the ActivoBank AB gold cost?

Valid Campaign from 10/1 to 31/3 Learn more For those who want the all-inclusive life Credit Card AB Gold More advantages in leisure and travel. For just2,99€/month. TAEG 13,2% | TAN 7,100% Learn more ActivoBank is #1 Consumers Choice for Digital Banking for the fourth consecutive time.

Is Banco ActivoBank part of FCD?

Banco ActivoBank, SA is a member of Fundo de Garantia de Depósitos (FGD) and makes its contributions into it. Banco ActivoBank, SA is a member of Millennium BCP (Portugal). Banco ActivoBank, SA is headquartered in Lisboa.

What is the Deposit Guarantee Scheme of Banco ActivoBank?

Banco ActivoBank, SA participates in the deposit guarantee scheme of Portugal. This deposit guarantee scheme applies to current accounts, savings accounts, time deposit accounts made by natural persons, legal entities and covers up to up to 100,000 EUR per bank per depositor.

How many banks are there in Portugal?

List of Banks in Portugal There are currently 68 banks operating in Portugal, 16 banks were recently closed. The following categories of institutions are not included in this list and considered separately:

Is ActivoBank a registered name?

All rights reserved. is a registered trade name of Banco ActivoBank, S.A.

Where is Banco ActivoBank registered in Portugal?

Banco ActivoBank, S.A., Office: Rua Augusta, 84 Lisboa, Share Capital 127.600.000 Euros, registered with this same number in the Lisbon Trade Registry, Single registration and TIN. 500 734 305. Insurance agent registered under nr. 419501226, with the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervision Authority - Registration Date: 21/01/2019.

What are the costs associated with the AB premium plan?

The subscription to the AB Premium Plan implies the payment of a monthly package Account Maintenance Fee of €8.99, plus Stamp Duty at the legal rate, currently 4%, which will be debited to the respective Current Account.

How to contact the Ponto Activo customer service?

At a Ponto Activo or through the Support Line +351 210 030 700, available inside and outside Portugal. Service on working days and national holidays (8h-22h), Saturdays (10h-20h), Sundays and remaining holidays (12h-20h). Automatic customer service available 24 hours/day.

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