How to use the steampod 3?

You will love SteamPod 3.0 one. Straighten your hair 2x faster* and 2x smoother* For best results, pre-apply your dedicated SteamPod smoothing cream on wet hair, blowdry, and glide SteamPod down slowly and straighten your hair by sections: the thinner the section, the more precise the result.

Why should you choose steampod?

DISCOVER THE POWER OF STEAMPOD. Transform instantly your hair with the patented steam technology: 2x smoother & faster*, yet -91% damage** while styling your hair. Long lasting hairstyles, natural flow and softer hair*, whatever the hairtype. style any look you want! You liked the SteamPod 2.0 straightening? You will love SteamPod 3.0 one.

Does the steampod have a comb integrated?

Furthermore, the Steampod 3.0 has a comb integrated (that can be removed if you prefer to) as well as the possibility to adjust the temperature depending on your hair type:

Which steampod should I get for straightening my hair?

However, if you straighten you hair several weeks a day, go for the Steampod 3.0 as it will keep your hair healthier!

What is steampod 3?

The Steampod 3.0 gently smoothes even the most difficult of hair types, allowing you to easily create the hairstyle of your dreams. Read on for how to use Steampod 3.0, what’s new, and our professional tips for achieving a variety of styles…

How do you use a steampod?

Take a small section of dry hair and lift from the roots so that it is at a 90° angle. Holding the ends, guide the Steampod up the hair from the roots to the tips and let it cool slightly while still holding. Release and repeat across all the hair. For a last boost of volume, flick your hair forward and back once.

How do you use a steampod hair straightener?

Direction of use: The Steampod styler must be used in the direction indicated by the arrows (comb always located at the bottom) so that the hair section is exposed to the steam before being straightened between the plates. Clasp the hair firmly between the plates; the steam starts spreading automatically as soon as the tongs are closed.

How do I set the temperature on my steampod 3?

Step 1. Remove the water tank and fill with demineralised water. Re-attach to the Steampod 3.0. Step 2. Step 3. Wait until the light stops flashing, which means the Steampod 3.0 has reached the desired temperature.

Yes, the Steampod can be used on all hair types, preferably the hair should fit comfortably within the width of the plates. DOES STEAMPOD WORK ON AFRO HAIR?

Is a steampod better than a straightener?

What is steampod?

LOréal Professionnel Steampod is a professional steam styler using patented steam technology to transform your hair with professional results. HOW DOES STEAMPOD WORK?

Can the steampod be used on all hair types?

Yes, the Steampod can be used on all hair types, preferably the hair should fit comfortably within the width of the plates. DOES STEAMPOD WORK ON AFRO HAIR?

How to remove steampod comb?

HOW TO REMOVE STEAMPOD COMB? Attaching / Removing / cleaning the comb: If you want to clean the comb, you can remove it by sliding it outwards. You must remove the comb when it is cold in order to avoid getting burnt. The comb can be cleaned in soapy water.

How do you use a steampod for waves?

Styling waves with a SteamPod has never been easier, thanks to the new rotative cord. Always section and pre-comb your hair. For natural waves, place a thin strand in the middle of the plates and wrap it around the tool. Then rotate the tool (arrows on the tool pointing to the tips of your hair) while slowly gliding downwards.

It may look like a regular hair straightener, but with the, now integrated water tank, when you press the plates together against a section of the hair, steam is projected from small vents onto the hair in order to straighten the hair fibres. Inspired? Have a look here for different styles you can achieve with Steampod 3.0!

What is the best steam straightener for fine hair?

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