Aprilia rs 660

aprilia rs 660

What makes the Aprilia RS 660 so special?

The RS 660 draws on the winning Aprilia expertise to introduce new standards to its category. The top-of-the-range chassis creates a truly dynamic riding experience with its uniquely-constructed lightweight aluminium frame and swingarm optimising weight distribution.

What makes the RS 660 so special?

With its sporty personality and stunning contemporary lines, the RS 660 brings the winning Aprilia track experience to the road. Its unique design shapes a lightweight, compact bike with sleek, agile volumes. Delivering stability at high speeds, it is all about creating a fun, pleasurable riding experience.

How much does an Aprilia RS250 weigh?

It has a short wheelbase (1370mm, 69mm shorter than Aprilia’s own RSV4 Factory); at just 169kg dry or 183kg with fuel it is light, there’s adjustable suspension, a wide 180-section rear Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa 2 tyre, and in the purple and red colour scheme reminiscent of the legendary RS250.

How does the Aprilia RS compare to the Yamaha R6?

The RS is nowhere near as radical or as sports-focussed as a Yamaha R6 for example, and while can’t match the Yamaha’s power, the Aprilia has more rider aids, more tech and is more comfortable. Yamaha’s outstanding R6 is £12,221 but is very much a one-trick pony built to win races.

What is the engine of the Aprilia RS 660?

The Aprilia RS 660s engine is a brand-new 659 cc, parallel-twin engine, and will form the new 660 cc platform to offer a family of motorcycles, including the Aprilia Tuono 660. The parallel-twin makes nearly 100 bhp (99 bhp) at 10,500 rpm and 67 Nm of peak torque at 8,500 rpm.

Is the Aprilia RSV 660 parallel twin?

This is the first bike to use Aprilias 660 parallel-twin engine, but we expect to see a naked Tuono version and an adventure style bike called Tuareg with the same engine to follow. 9 owners have reviewed their APRILIA RS660 (2021 - on) and rated it in a number of areas.

What makes the RS 660 Rs 660 so special?

All practical stuff is taken care of, too, with mirrors that work, light controls, a screen that’s high enough to keep the wind off tall riders and a low seat height for those short in the leg. It’s no accident the RS 660 is light and tightly packaged and it’s all been achieved without resorting to exotic materials.

How does the ABS work on the RS 660?

Cornering ABS for the RS 660 (and other 660 motorcycles) is via the Continental 6-axis IMU (inertial measurement unit), which recognises what the bike is doing on a number of different angles with respect to the road.

How much HP does the Aprilia RS250 have?

Ripped from Suzuki’s RGV250 the Aprilia RS250s single crank V-twin stroker makes you work for your reward. It hits perfect pitch at 10,500rpm, delivering 55bhp with a sweet punch. For anyone raised on multi-cylinder motorcycles it’s initially frustrating, but persevere – nothing worth striving for comes easily.

Is the Aprilia RS250 a good bike for kneesliders?

The Aprilia RS250 is the enemy of kneesliders everywhere. The chassis is blessed with a supernatural composure that remains unfazed regardless of lean angle. The upside-down forks, banana swingarm and Brembo four-piston brakes aren’t just for show; they’re the best combination of talent since George, Ringo, Paul and John.

Will my old wheels fit the new Aprilia bikes?

Aprilia now has added the Shiver, Dorsoduro, Mana and RSV4 models to the lineup. Fortunately, they kept the exact same wheel dimensions as before, so the older wheels will fit the newer bikes as well. Rotor bolt pattern and dish is the same for all years. Even the 25mm axles, axle nuts and wheel spacers are all the same, front and rear.

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