Sete rios bus station

sete rios bus station

Where is Sete Rios bus station?

Where is Sete Rios bus station? Sete Rios is located to the north of Lisbon (GPS: 38.74136, -9.16567) and is 3.8km from the Baixa district (central historic Lisbon) and 4.2km from the airport. The bus station is connected to the Jardim Zoológico metro station, which is on the blue metro line.

What is Sete Rios in Lisbon?

Sete Rios is a major bus station in Lisbon and also the main hub for Rede Expressos intercity coaches.

What is the main bus station in Lisbon?

Sete Rios Bus Station, Lisbon. Sete Rios is a major bus station in Lisbon and also the main hub for Rede Expressos intercity coaches. Departing from Sete Rios are express bus services that cover the whole of Portugal, and if you are planning to explore the country via public transport, then you will be passing through Sete Rios.

How do I get from Sete Rios to Faro?

The Sete Rios train station has trains to Faro, Setubal, Sintra on the Sintra Line and other destinations. Sete Rios is also a good place to find a taxi.

What is the Sete Rios transportation hub?

T he Sete Rios transportation hub consists of a train station and a bus terminal (“Terminal Rodoviário”). The train station is linked to the Jardim Zoológico station of the metro (on the blue line), and the bus terminal is right outside.

What is Sete Rios station in Lisbon?

Sete Rios Station in northern Lisbon is the main bus station for long-distance buses to destinations all over Portugal. Many local Lisbon city buses also stop at Sete Rios. Sete Rios is also on the blue line of the Lisbon Metro. The metro station is called Jardim Zoológico.

How do I get from Sete Rios to Sintra?

The nearest taxi rank to the bus station is on the Rua Professor Lima Basto, (GPS: 38.74053, -9.165863), and is under the railway tracks, close to the entrance to Sete Rios train station. If your final destination is Sintra, then catch the urban train service that departs from Sete Rios train station.

What is the difference between Terminal de Rodoviário and Sete Rios?

Sometimes “Terminal de Rodoviário” (Road Terminal) is added to the name Sete Rios; Google maps (correctly) refers to it as Terminal Rodoviário Sete Rios – do not get confused this is the same location. All coach stations in Portugal are referred to as Terminal de Rodoviário; it is the English equivalent of stating “Bus Station”.

What are the best bus stations in Lisbon?

Major bus companies operating at Lisbon Oriente include Renex (Portugal) and Auto-Res (Spain). The other long-distance bus station in Lisbon is Sete Rios, the main hub for Rede Expressos buses. The area around Oriente Station is very nice (developed mostly in the 1990’s for Expo 98) and with excellent public transport links.

How to get to the centre of Lisbon?

These urban buses stop regularly, so take longer to get to their final destination. Buses nº 26B, 400, 708 and 728: All these lines connect the city centre with Park of the Nations and stop at Lisbon’s most important railway station: Oriente Station. You can take any of these buses to Lisbon’s most modern area if you don’t like taking the subway.

How much is a bus ticket in Lisbon?

A one day ticket for the buses and metro is 6.15 Euros. Alternatively buy a rechargeable VIVA Viagem card which can be topped up at ticket machines at metro stations. Lisbon buses consist of the small compact bus type, the larger standard single deckers and articulated bendy buses.

Is the bus station in Sete Rios in Lisbon bad?

Luckily the bus station is not that bad (when compared to other European city bus stations); it is easy to navigate, it has good connections to Lisbon’s public transport, and the ticket office staff are pleasant and helpful. This article will provide a tourist guide to Sete Rios bus station along with other useful coach and travel advice.

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