Mama shelter

mama shelter

What makes Mama Shelter La unique?

Designed by Thierry Gaugain to honor the beauty of the Californian landscape, Mama Shelter LA features six floors of uniquely decorated rooms , each a cozy haven in the middle of this buzzing city. 70 rooms have king-size beds decked out in 5* linen – fit for a movie star! Our award-winning rooftop has a near 360° view of the city.

How many restaurants does Mama Shelter have?

ANSWER. Mama Shelter is a collection of lively, unique and quirky places around the world, welcoming to all. It already boasts 2161 rooms, 15 restaurants and 1170 employees in 14 cities and 9 countries!

Why choose Mamas rooms?

Mama’s rooms are stylish, playful and designed for informality. 5* bedding , in-house organic toiletries, photo booths, free Wi-Fi and complimentary movie streaming are all standard . You’ll adore them as much as Mama does.

Does Mama Shelter have a gym in the hotel?

We are happy that you are thinking of staying at MAMA SHELTER LA! When it comes to a gym we do not have that amenity. There are 2 gyms in the area and the front desk clerk can assist with directions. Thank you again for choosing Mama Shelter!

How far is the Dolby Theater from Mama Shelter Los Angeles?

Dolby Theater is 2,650 feet from Mama Shelter Los Angeles, while the Hollywood Bowl is 1 mi away. The nearest airport is Bob Hope Airport, 6.8 mi from the property.

What is Mama known for?

She’s known for her inventive bars and rooftops . With Mama, you’re in good hands. Party with Mama for New Year’s Eve! She invites you to discover her special program for the occasion.

Yes, Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar has outdoor seating. What forms of payment are accepted? Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar accepts credit cards. How is Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar rated? Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar has 3.5 stars. What days are Mama Shelter Rooftop Bar open?

Why stay at Mama Shelter?

Mama’s restaurants are all about relaxed gatherings, lively get-togethers and informal celebrations… Something is wrong. Instagram token error. QUESTION. IS IT MANDATORY TO BOOK A TABLE IN THE RESTAURANT OR ON THE ROOFTOP? ANSWER. We dont take any reservation on our rooftop and work on a first come first serve basis.

Why stay at Mama Shelter?

Luxury bedding, rooftop drinks, relaxed and generous dining, free movies and fun-loving staff in vibrant settings. Mama Shelter’s hotels span seven countries and thirteen lively cities – from Los Angeles to London , Belgrade to Paris .

Is your mother’s room equipped for new moms?

Many mother’s rooms aren’t nearly as equipped for new moms as mine was, and the law doesn’t require them to be. I learned that when I began investigating whether my experience was the norm. It turns out, it was not.

Should you book a mother’s Day meeting room?

Mothers usually have to pump within a certain timeframe. If the room is the only place for a mom to pump and the room is booked for a meeting, that mom may become really uncomfortable (not pumping is painful) and perhaps too distracted to work. A way to reserve the room.

Do you have to provide a space for new moms to pump?

Employers have to provide new moms with a place other than a bathroom to pump—that can be a dedicated mother’s room or another office space, like a conference room. The law only requires the space be shielded from view and free from intrusion from coworkers and the public. In other words, its door must have a lock.

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