What is Ruka?

She is a girl whose heart beats slower than the average person and she seeks a lover that will help her cope with her condition. Rukas most identifying features are her short hair tied up with a ribbon, usually a blue one.

What does Rukia say to Orihime?

Rukia is angered to hear that Urahara told her to stay out of the battle, insisting it is not right for her to be cast aside so easily. She tells Orihime, who is worried about being in the way in battle, that the ones who get in the way are those who lack resolve, not power.

How does Rukia defeat Reigai-Rangiku?

After Reigai-Rangiku kidnaps Nozomi, Rukia, along with Ichigo, Renji, and the real Rangiku, arrive to help her. Rukia places her sword to the Reigais throat in an attempt to stop her. [231] Rukia fights her Reigai copy. Later, while searching for Nozomi, Rukia is confronted by her Reigai counterpart.

How would you describe Rukas personality?

She is considered very attractive, often comparatively with Chizuru by the male characters, and tends to gather a lot of attention when in public. Ruka is described to be a cheerful, determined, and passionate girl.

What is a Mapuche Ruka?

A Mapuche ruka in 1930. A ruka or ruca is a traditional Mapuche house type. Rukas were originally round with a conical roof. Rucas are typically built communally. Rukas does traditionally lack windows and are made up a single open space in the interior. The interior of the rukas are organized around a central fireplace.

What does the name Ruka mean?

The name Ruka means lapis lazuli (瑠, ru?) and summer (夏, ka? ). Rukas surname Sarashina means change (更, sara?) and department (科, shina? ). Rukas favorite color is blue. Rukas heart condition is - or is similar to - arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), although her symptoms allude more towards hypotension (low blood pressure).

What is Ruka’s personality?

Ruka is described to be a cheerful, determined, and passionate girl. She is a straightforward person who is honest with her feelings. On the flip side, her traits often convey her as being pushy and possessive. This personality of hers developed after learning of her condition and being alienated from her peers.

Who is Sarashina Ruka?

Sarah Anne Williams Ruka Sarashina (更 さら 科 しな 瑠 る 夏 か, Sarashina Ruka?) is a deuteragonist of the Kanojo, Okarishimasu series. She is a girl whose heart beats slower than the average person and she seeks a lover that will help her cope with her condition.

Both Rukia and Orihime are very important people in Ichigos life, and he will fight to the death to protect them both. Rukia, as a Soul Reaper, is capable of some feats that Orihime cant match, and, in turn, Orihime has unique skills and insights to offer. What remarkable things are each of these girls capable of in Bleach?

What happens in forbid rescue of Orihime Inoue?

How does Kenpachi defeat Reigai?

Kenpachi brings his sword down upon the Reigai, both swords clashing together. He comments that it is a shame, proclaiming that he will be the one who enjoys this fight, if a Reigai truly is superior. Kenpachi impaled by Reigai-Kenpachi. Kenpachi brings his sword down again, this time easily slashing the Reigai.

Why do Ichigo and Orihime get along with Rukia?

Rukia was the initial reason why Ichigo and Orihime came closer together and were more expressive of their desire to protect each other. At the same time, Ichigo was the catalyst for Rukia and Renji becoming close again after decades of avoiding each other.

How does Komamura defeat Reigai?

The Reigai uses her speed to create a multitude of clones, but Komamura deals with them with his strength. As the battle wares on, the two release their Bankais in order to finish each other off. Komamuras Bankai fends off Suì-Fēngs missile, the aftershock of which can be felt across Soul Society.

How do the Reigai get to the senkaimon?

As the Reigai attack, the three suddenly pop, revealing themselves to be inflatable Gigai. The real ones continue to charge through towards the Senkaimon. They reach the Senkaimon, but are trapped. Yoruichi takes front and tells Ichigo and Rukia to go.

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