Poco x3

poco x3

What are the specifications of the Xiaomi Poco X3?

The POCO X3 and POCO X3 NFC and POCO X3 Pro are Android -based smartphones developed by Xiaomi, announced on 7 and 22 September 2020. The phone has a FHD+ IPS LCD 6.67 display, a 64 MP wide, 13 MP ultra-wide, 2 MP macro, and 2 MP depth camera, a 5160 mAh battery, 8gb ram and a side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Why is Poco X3 NFC better than Apple iPhone SE (2020)?

Why is Poco X3 NFC better than Apple iPhone SE (2020)? 2.83x more battery power? 21.17% higher pixel density? 3GB more RAM memory? 23.2% faster CPU speed?

What is the price of the Poco X3 NFC in Europe?

The POCO X3 NFC comes with MIUI 12 for POCO, based on Android 10 with POCO launcher 2.0. In European market, Poco X3 Pro was launched at €249 for 6GB RAM/128GB storage variant and €299 for 8GB RAM /256GB storage variant

Does it sound crazy comparing POCO X3 NFC, a mid-range device that costs under Php15,000, and iPhone 12, a very expensive yet very capable phone that can even record HDR videos for a current starting price of Php59,990? Of course!

What is the difference between iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone X?

How much is Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC in Philippines?

The cheapest Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC price in Philippines is ₱ 5,500.00 from Shopee. You can also choose between different Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC variants with 128GB Shadow Gray starting from ₱ 12,990.00 and 128GB Cobalt Blue at ₱ 12,982.18. Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC price details are updated June 2021.

How much does the Poco X3 cost in Europe?

And NFC, of course. The Poco X3 NFC is going on sale in Europe today for €199 (~$235) for a model with 64GB of storage, or €249 ($295) for 128GB of storage. That’s the launch pricing for an unspecified period of time, however — the MSRP is €229 ($270) and €269 ($320).

Does the Poco X3 NFC look bad?

It doesn’t look bad, though — it’s sharper than an equivalently sized 1080p OLED, and the 120Hz refresh rate is usually only found on much more expensive phones. The Poco X3 NFC is the first phone to use Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 732G processor, a speed-bumped version of the 730G found on Google’s Pixel 4A.

Does the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC’s 120Hz mode affect battery life?

The 120Hz mode does seem to have a marked impact on battery life, but the Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC still outlasts just about all $1,000-plus Android phones at 120Hz. The only time we got close to needing to recharge before midnight was on a day with some travelling.

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