What does Kabul stand for?

Kabul ( Persian: کابل ‎, romanized : Kābol, Pashto: کابل ‎, romanized: Kābəl) is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, located in the eastern section of the country. It is also a municipality, forming part of the greater Kabul Province.

Who are the “Kabuli”?

Many Afghans from rural areas have streamed into Kabul over the years, to the point where they now outnumber the “Kabuli” or urbanites of the city. Many of the Kabuli are secular, well-educated, and westernized.

What is the population of Kabul in Afghanistan?

It is also a municipality, forming part of the greater Kabul Province. According to estimates in 2019, the population of Kabul is 4.114 million, which includes all the major ethnic groups of Afghanistan. Rapid urbanization had made Kabul the worlds 75th largest city.

What was Kábul like in 921?

Iranian traveller and geographer Istakhri described it in 921: Kábul has a castle celebrated for its strength, accessible only by one road. In it there are Musulmáns, and it has a town, in which are infidels from Hind.

What living in Kabul is really like?

The photographs and footage, depicting a badly bloodied woman pleading with a Kabul crowd as they surround ... When I wear military uniform, I really, really feel proud of myself as a woman.

What is Kabul really like?

What is Kabul, Afghanistan like? Its a dusty, bustling, developing city, with cars and police everywhere. Lots of smells, from wood heaters, unwashed people, meat hanging in the marketplace, blood from when it was killed, and the open sewer system beside every street. Lovely people - really some of the friendliest, nicest people in the world.

What is a native of Kabul called?

We travelled on to Kabul, formerly a vast town, the site of which is now occupied by a village inhabited by a tribe of Persians called Afghans. They hold mountains and defiles and possess considerable strength, and are mostly highwaymen. Their principal mountain is called Kuh Sulayman.

What is the currency in Kabul?

Use the currency converter below to calculate the current exchange rate for the city of Kabul. The currency used in Kabul is the Afghan Afghani. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan. If you are traveling to Kabul, you will need to exchange your currency for the Afghan Afghani.

What percentage of Afghanistans population lives in Kabul?

Around 10% of the population lives in the capital city, Kabul. Kabuls 2015 population is estimated at 3.1 million, which makes it the only Afghan city with a population of more than 1 million.

What is the municipality of Kabul in Afghanistan?

Like other provincial municipalities in Afghanistan, the municipality of Kabul deals with city affairs such as construction and infrastructure. The city districts ( nāhia ) collect certain taxes and issue building licenses.

What is the capital of Afghanistan?

Kabul is a city located in Afghanistan. It is the capital city, as well as the largest city by population. Not only is it the largest city in the country, but it also one of the largest in the world, ranking 64th.

What are the key facts of Afghanistan?

Map of Afghanistan showing the location of Kabul. The city lies at an elevation of 1,790 meters, which makes it one of the highest capital cities in the world. Kabul is thought to be about 3,500 years old.

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