Eddie iron maiden

eddie iron maiden

Did Eddie have a body in Iron Maiden?

Eddie did not have a body until Iron Maiden met Derek Riggs, who designed a body to accompany the head. The band subsequently decided to keep this body secret until their first album Iron Maiden was released. In 1980 the body was revealed, with the first incarnation of Eddie looking remarkably different from other Eddies since.

What did Eddie Van Halen say about Iron Maiden on Twitter?

Eddie came to the defense of Iron Maiden in the scene, and the band had a great reaction on Twitter. Were with you, Eddie, the band wrote. They shared a screenshot of Eddie holding up an Iron Maiden tape proclaiming This is music!

Who drew Eddie from Iron Maidens first album covers?

Melvyn Grant first drew Eddie for the Fear of the Dark sleeve, the first time anyone other than Riggs had designed a cover for Iron Maiden in which Eddie was pictured. Grant also worked on the Virtual XI, Death on the Road, The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg , The Final Frontier and From Fear to Eternity covers.

What is the name of Iron Maidens mascot?

Eddie (also known as Eddie the Head) is the mascot for the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He is a perennial fixture of the groups artwork, appearing in all of their album covers (as well as most of their singles) and in their merchandise, which includes T-shirts, posters and action figures.

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