What is a camalonga?

In Perú, camalongueros are shamanic practitioners who specialize in the use of this camalonga drink. I do not understand why the two camalongas are given the same name. The plants do not look even remotely similar, and the seeds — the part most often used by shamans — look as dissimilar as the plants.

Who is Cammenga?

Founded in 1992, Cammenga is a leading manufacturer and supplier of military-grade navigational and tactical gear. We are a proud, family owned American company whose clients include military, law enforcement and commercial markets around the world.

What is a Cammenga compass?

Cammenga is an outdoors products company, known chiefly for producing navigation equipment under contract for United States Armed Forces. They are the official supplier of the M-1950 lensatic field compass issued to U.S. Army and Marine Corps infantry and artillery units.

What is the difference between Oleander and camalonga Negra?

The first of these two plants, sometimes distinguished as camalonga negra, apparently may be any of several species in the genus Strychnos, including some that are used in the manufacture of the arrow poison curaré. The second, sometimes distinguished as camalonga blanca, is pretty clearly Thevetia peruviana, the yellow oleander.

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