What is the SPB framework extension?

The SPB Framework Extension is a KMDF extension library. It handles the up-front processing of SPB request and the sequence in which they are handed to the controller driver. The SPB framework extension is designed to support I²C and SPI buses, and may be appropriate for other buses with similar semantics.

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What are the general considerations for SPB devices?

The following are some generic considerations for SPB: 1 SPB is not a Plug and Play bus. ... 2 There is no in-band interrupt support for SPB. ... 3 Windows provides support for the SPB Class Extension (spbcx.sys) in Windows 8 and beyond. ... 4 Peripheral drivers for SPB devices are generally provided by SPB Device partners. ... More items...

What is simple peripheral bus (SPB)?

Simple Peripheral Bus (SPB) This topic covers recommendations for Simple Peripheral Bus in Windows 10.Windows includes support for low-power, simple buses, such as Inter Integrated Circuit (I²C) and (I²C) and Simple Peripheral Interface (SPI), using framework extensions of the Kernel Mode Driver Framework (KMDF) architecture.

What is the SPB framework?

The SPB framework simplifies development of an SPB controller driver and improves the compatibility between peripheral drivers and the controller driver by providing common implementation of the top-half of the driver that processes I/O requests (as compared to the bottom-half, which is driven by the top-half and controls the hardware).

What is SPB class extensions (spbcx)?

Drivers for both types of SPB devices have special support in WDF that’s provided by the SPB Class Extensions (SPBCx). SPBCx provides a standardized infrastructure that makes writing drivers for both categories of SPB devices much less difficult than it would be otherwise.

What is spbcx driver?

SPB Framework Extension (SpbCx) Starting with Windows 8, the SPB framework extension (SpbCx) is a system-supplied extension to the Kernel-Mode Driver Framework (KMDF). SpbCx works together with an SPB controller driver to perform I/O operations on peripheral devices that are connected to a simple peripheral bus (SPB), such as I²C or SPI.

Which SPB devices are supported in Windows?

Examples of SPB devices supported in Windows include I2C and SPI. Prior to Windows 8, these types of buses were restricted to use by the BIOS. But starting in Windows 8, support for these devices went mainstream.

Can an SPB be used as a PNP bus?

An SPB is not a Plug and Play (PnP) bus and, therefore, cannot be used to automatically detect and configure new devices that are plugged into the bus. The bus and interrupt connections of an SPB-connected device are frequently permanent. Even if the device can be unplugged from a slot, this slot is typically dedicated to the device.

What is an SPB?

SPBs are low-cost, low-power, low-speed buses that are most often used for connecting relatively simple peripherals such as sensors. Examples of SPB devices supported in Windows include I2C and SPI.

Does SPB support in-band interrupts?

System manufacturers must ensure accurate information in ACPI to enumerate the SPB-connected peripheral devices for the Plug and Play manager, and specifies the hardware resources that are dedicated to each device. There is no in-band interrupt support for SPB.

How does a SPB client device driver work?

An SPB Client Device driver opens a Remote I/O Target to its Controller Device, and interacts with its device by formatting WDFREQUESTs and sending them to the Controller Device. In terms of hardware resources, a Client Device driver will always receive a “Connection ID” in the EvtDevice PrepareHardware Event Processing Callback.

SPB buses are not dynamically enumerable. That means that there’s no way to discover which Client Devices, if any, are connected to a given SPB bus at run time. So, how do Client Devices on an SPB bus get discovered as part of the Windows PnP process?

What is an SPB?

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