Passenger locator form lisbon

passenger locator form lisbon

Is passenger locator form required for entry to mainland Portugal?

Since April 22, 2022, Passenger Locator Form is no longer required for entry to Mainland Portugal, according to the Decree-Law n.º 30-E/2022. Existe outro formulário para preenchimento para entrada em Portugal?

What is the passenger locator form?

The Passenger Locator Form is an online form that asks the individual to provide information about themselves and their travel plans. The Portuguese Passenger Locator Form is a digital document that comes with a QR code.

Do I need a passenger locator card (plc)?

All passengers arriving to Portugal must complete and submit a Passenger Locator Card (PLC). The PLC can be completed online BEFORE departure to Portugal (recommended) or on board your arriving flight, or (worst case) upon arrival at the airport. Its not optional, its a requirement.

How to enter Portugal from other countries?

This must be presented at the Portuguese border to enter the country. IMPORTANT INFORMATION • All persons entering mainland Portugal from other countries, including international transits, regardless of their nationality, age, or any other consideration, must complete the Health Control Form.

How do I get a Portugal passenger locator?

To obtain it, you will have to provide specific information about yourself (full name, contact number, and your email address) and your trip (including your passport number and flight number if needed). Remember to have any of your debit/credit cards with you while applying. Get started here and get your Portugal Passenger Locator Form.

Do you have to complete the PLF form to travel Portugal?

Everyone, including children, must complete the online form here before you travel to Mainland Portugal. If you don’t complete this, you won’t be able to board your flight. The overseas passenger locator form (PLF) is an official form which is free to complete and submit.

Do I need to complete a passenger locator form (PLF)?

If youre traveling to Portugal, you will need to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF). This form is required for all passengers arriving in Portugal, and must be completed before boarding your flight. The PLF requires some basic information about each passenger, including:

Do I need to submit a form to travel to Portugal?

All fields are mandatory. The form can be submitted within 4 days prior to arrival in Portugal. Once submitted, you will receive a notification that you should keep with you, digitally or printed, during your trip. Loading... Loading... Are you a crew member? Loading...

What is the passenger locator card (plc)?

The Passenger Locator Card is a mandatory form for all passengers traveling to Curaçao and includes country of departure, personal information, travel information and medical information. The card can only be filled out online within 48 hours prior traveling to Curaçao.

What is the Portugal passenger locator card (PCL)?

Portugal has its own travel health form – the Portugal Passenger Locator Card. This must be completed by anyone traveling to the country by air. This health declaration helps the Portuguese government to track and manage COVID-19 cases. What Is the Portugal Passenger Locator Card?

What are passenger locator forms (PLFs)?

Passenger Locator Forms (PLFs) are used by public health authorities to facilitate cross border contact tracing in case travellers are exposed to an infectious disease during their travel by plane, ship (cruise/ferry), rail, bus or automobile.

What is a public health passenger locator card?

To assist in passenger contact tracing, a public health passenger locator card has been developed by an informal transportation working group convened by the World Health Organization. The group consisted of representatives from national public health authorities and international transportation organizations.

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