Fez marrocos

fez marrocos

What is the relative location of Fez Morocco?

/  34.04333°N 5.00333°W  / 34.04333; -5.00333 Fez or Fes ( / fɛz /; Arabic: فاس, romanized : fās, Berber languages: ⴼⴰⵙ, romanized: fas, French: Fès) is a city in northern inland Morocco and the capital of the Fès-Meknès administrative region. It is the third largest city in Morocco, with a population of 1.15 million according to the 2014 census.

What are the key facts of Fez?

The municipality of Fez has an area of 94 square kilometres (36 sq mi) and recorded a population of 1,091,512 in the 2014 Moroccan census. It is divided into six arrondissements : The municipality of Fez is governed by a 91-member council, elected by direct universal suffrage every six years.

What to do in Fez Morocco?

The city operates a public transit system with various bus routes. Fez has two football teams, MAS Fez (Fés Maghrebi) and Wydad de Fès (WAF). They both play in the Botola the highest tier of the Moroccan football system and play their home matches at the 45,000 seat Complexe Sportif de Fès stadium.

Can facelift help Moroccos Old City of Fez lure tourists?

^ Facelift helps Moroccos Old City of Fez lure tourists |. AW. Archived from the original on 2021-01-13. Retrieved 2021-01-10.

What is the geography of Fez?

It is surrounded by hills and the old city is centered around the Fez River ( Oued Fes) flowing from west to east. Fez was founded under Idrisid rule during the 8th-9th centuries CE. It initially consisted of two autonomous and competing settlements.

What does Fez mean in Arabic?

Fès, also spelled Fez, Arabic Fās, city, northern Morocco, on the Wadi Fès just above its influx into the Sebou River. The oldest of Morocco’s four imperial cities, it was founded on the banks of the Wadi Fès by Idrīs I (east bank, about 789) and Idrīs II (west bank, about 809).

Are there any Jews in Fez Morocco?

According to the World Jewish Congress there are only 150 Moroccan Jews remaining in Fes. The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi, the only Catholic church in Fez, was established in 1919 or 1920, during the French colonial period. The current building was constructed in 1928 and expanded in 1933.

When did Fez become the capital of Morocco?

Starting with the reign of Moulay Muhammad ibn Abdallah, between 1757 and 1790, the country stabilized and Fez finally regained its fortunes. Although its status was partly shared with Marrakesh, it remained the capital of Morocco for the rest of the Alaouite period up to the 20th century.

What to do in Fes Morocco?

As Fes is one of four Imperial cities of Morocco, eighty hectares spanning of gardens, plazas, several buildings… 26. Fes Mosaic & Potery An ancient art form passed down from one generation to the next, the cooperatives guide explained each step of the… 27. Cherratin Medersa

What is fez like to visit?

The Fez medina is one of the largest car-free zones in the world and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s been dwarfed in recent years by larger and more tourist-oriented Marrakech but offers visitors a different look at Moroccan life.

What are the best places to visit in Morocco?

Medina of Fez The medina is a historic UNESCO city that holds its status as as the countrys center of culture. 2. Jardin Jnan Sbil Fes was not made out of accident, city`s coordinates are precisely where they are because of plentiful water springs… 3. Fes el-Bali

What is the history of Fez Morocco?

It was the 1912 Treaty of Fez that made Morocco a protectorate under French control. In the 20th century a new area of Fez grew out of the French protectorate, the Ville Nouvelle. In 1981 UNESCO designated the medina of Fez as a world heritage sight and the famous World Sacred Music Festival began in 1994.

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