Benagil cave tour

benagil cave tour

What to do in Benagil cave in Portugal?

Benagil Cave is not the only destination of the boat tours. Rather, you will go along the Algarve coast, and you’ll discover the many caves of the region. Check out Taruga Benagil Tours; they’ll take you to 20 different caves, for around 18€.

How to visit Benagil cave in Lagos?

This Benagil cave tour is a great way to visit this cave if you’re staying in Lagos. By car, from the Marina of Lagos to the beach next to the Benagil cave, it’s about 40min.

How far in advance should I plan my Benagil cave tour?

Up to 24 hours in advance. Venture west from Faro or Tavira and explore the famous Benagil Cave on this full-day excursion. Join a private guide for the journey to the Benagil area for a day of caving, swimming, hiking, and soaking up the sun.

Where is the Benagil sea cave?

The beguiling Benagil Sea Cave (Algar de Benagil) hides majestically in the rugged cliffs of Portugal’s Algarve coast.

Where to stay in Portugal for Benagil cave tour?

The tours to Benagil Cave usually start directly in Benagil Beach, unless you book one specifically with a transfer. Since the town around it is fairly small, most people usually stay in either Lagos, Albufeira or Portimao to then visit Benagil. These popular Algarve destinations are all within a 25 to 40 minute drive from Benagil.

How do I get to the Benagil Beach Caves?

Most people will leave from Benagil Beach or one of the surrounding cities in the Algarve to visit the caves. It is right next to the beach if you are looking for a direct boat tour to the caves. I highly recommend taking one of the Benagil Cave Tours to visit the Benagil Beach Cave.

Where is Benagil Beach in Portugal?

Benagil Beach is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of the Algarve coast, where the jagged cliffs form caves, craters, and arches. Next to the village of Benagil, the small Benagil Beach is nestled in a sheltered bay and has a lot more to offer than just Benagil Cave.

What is there to see in the Algarve?

While the Benagil Cave is the most famous thing to see in the Algarve, there are plenty of other beautiful things to discover on the south coast of Portugal. Right next to the Benagil Cave, you’ll find the secret beach – Cao Raivoso.

How to visit the Benagil caves?

There are many different ways to visit the Benagil caves. We opted for a boat tour as we were there in winter. If you visit the Algarve in summer the range of tours is much larger, you can then join a kayak tour, paddle to the cave on a SUP or even just swim to it. Despite the fact that we would not recommend the latter because of the danger.

How long does the Benagil cave kayak tour take?

The Benagil cave kayak tour takes about 2 hours and starts from Benagil beach. After a brief explanation of the kayaks and safety regulations, you get your own kayak, life jacket, and paddles and can start your kayak adventure along the Algarve coast.

How far is Benagil cave from Lisbon?

How far is Benagil cave from Lisbon The Benagil cave lies 191 km from Lisbon. It’s a 2h30 minute drive by car. If you don’t have a car, you could take one of the busses that connect Lisbon with Lagoa, Albufeira, or Portimão.

Where is Benagil Beach&Cave?

Benagil Sea Cave is located in the fishing village of Benagil, Lagoa’s municipality, along the Atlantic coast between Albufeira and Portimão, in the Algarve, Portugal. It’s 30min walk from Praia da Marinha, an acclaimed Algarvian beach, and an approximately 50min drive from Faro Airport. How to Get to Benagil Beach & Cave

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