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Why choose se media?

SE MEDIA is a reliable, efficient and pioneering digital marketing agency. Our primary aim is to provide the best services to cater to the specific needs of our clients. We believe in providing quality services to our clients at the best price. SE MEDIA has been a highly trusted partner of an array of clients since 2012.

Why choose Sese media?

Se Media is a leading website design and development company in India, offering its services of the highest quality and the lowest price. We are concrete makers as well as doers who feel affection for constructing as well as shaping brands that set the test of time.

Why does Mediapart collect information about my device?

To make the Mediapart website and mobile application available to you we use cookies or similar technologies that allow us to collect information about your device. Some of these technologies are necessary to make our services work properly: you cannot refuse them.

Is there advertising on Mediapart?

There is no advertising on Mediapart. But we do promote our content and services on other sites and social networks. For this, we use technologies made available by some advertising companies. Gamned (only on the website) : audience targeting on third-party sites to promote Mediapart.

How do you choose the right media for your brand’s message?

Choosing the right medium usually boils down to these three factors, all of which should ultimately determine the best medium for a brand’s message: Audience. Who are you trying to reach? This should be the most crucial factor when choosing a medium, and therefore should also be the most heavily researched.

Why choose media and Mass Communication as a career option?

For those who are interested in the media industry and want to opt it as their career Media and Mass communication courses offers a range of opportunities for the upcoming generation. Both the theoretical and practical experience of these courses is unmatched owing to its breadth of expertise across the industry.

How do advertising agencies choose the right media for your idea?

Some advertising agencies know this and dedicate entire departments to choosing the right medium because they realize that the most innovative, exciting idea out there can die a painful, virtually unnoticed death if the wrong medium delivers it to the wrong audience.

How to choose the right social media platform for your business?

This should be the most crucial factor when choosing a medium, and therefore should also be the most heavily researched. Customer personas for your target audience should be created and analyzed, meaning your team knows everything from the first social site your audience visits to the hashtags they use.

What is Mediapart?

Mediapart is an independent French online investigative journal created in 2008 by Edwy Plenel, former editor-in-chief of Le Monde. Mediapart is published in French, English and Spanish . Mediaparts income is solely derived from subscription fees; the website does not carry any advertising.

How many subscribers does Mediapart have?

In 2011, Mediapart launched FrenchLeaks, a whistleblower website inspired by WikiLeaks. In March 2017, Edwy Plenel said that the online journal had 130,000 paying subscribers. In March 2021, Mediapart reached more than 220,000 paid subscribers.

What data do smartphones collect about you?

What data do smartphones collect? Here’s a snapshot of some of the information that your smartphone and the apps running on it collect about you. Your smartphone contains a lot of sensors – tracking your location, the way you’re holding your phone, your habits and more.

What does the Mediapart raid mean for journalism?

Mediapart sees in the raid an attempt by the Government to reveal and intimidate the source of the voice recordings and to stifle journalistic rights to inform the public. Mediapart has never been subject to such a raid before, and received support from other press organisations and the European Federation of Journalists.

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