Monchique portugal

monchique portugal

Where is Monchique in Portugal?

Nestled in the woody mountain ranges between the Algarve and Alentejo, is Monchique in Portugal. This small Portuguese town holds many features typical of the Algarve region such as the whitewashed houses and cobblestoned streets.

What does Monchique mean?

Monchique ( Portuguese pronunciation: [mõˈʃik (ɨ)] ( listen)) is a municipality of southern Portugal, in Faro District (province of Algarve). The population in 2011 was 6,045, in an area of 395.30 km 2. The Municipality of Monchique is situated in the Serra de Monchique and together with the town of Monchique is a tourist destination.

Why book a Monchique Algarve holiday?

The wonderful little town of Monchique is surrounded by nature and unlike the nearby coast is a lot less developed. The small town has a population of around 6000, and is popular with people seeking a more rural experience to their Algarve holidays.

What to do in Serra de Monchique?

One of the big draws to Serra de Monchique is the nearby mountain peak of Foia. At 902m high, it’s the highest point of the Algarve. From the top you can see incredible views of the Algarve coastline. On clear days you should be able to see Portimao and Lagos, to the south.

What to do in Monchique in the Algarve?

It is a fact that Monchique is in the mountains but a mere 40 minutes drive away you can find beautiful beaches: With an immense 1km long beach this beach is protected by orange and red cliffs. It is one of the best known beaches in the Algarve and it is visited by both Portuguese residents and foreigner holiday makers.

Is the Serra de Monchique still the old Algarve?

The Serra de Monchique is still the old Algarve, touched but not overtaken as elsewhere by modernity, tourism and spreading development. Its robust old-fashionedness is the very thing that draws expatriates to visit and to settle.

What is Monchique famous for?

Monchique is a mountainous town in the Algarve countryside with around 2300 residents. It is a calm town known for its healing thermal waters. To get there you will have to drive 900 metres upwards between trees and picturesque panoramic views.

What to do on Sundays in the Algarve?

On Sundays, it is quite common to see the locals from the surrounding areas of Portimão and Lagos stocking up their water supply for the week. Water from Monchique (which you can buy in supermarkets too) has a high alkaline content which is said to boost your immune system. The highest point in the Algarve is in the Monchique area.


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