Amazon portugal

amazon portugal

Is Amazon coming to Portugal?

Yes, Amazon is coming to Portugal and, as of 2018, it has announced that it will be opening up warehouses near Porto. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any recent announcements so nobody knows when this will happen.

How do I get my Amazon order sent to Portugal?

Rather than getting your Amazon order sent to your address in Portugal, you send it to the package forwarding company and they forward it onto you. I’ve had mixed results with package forwarding companies.

Is Amazon Germany better than Amazon UK in Portugal?

Amazon Germany has expanded a lot in the past few years, and now it’s often a better option for shoppers in Portugal – particularly when it comes to delivery times: (anecdotally) Amazon Germany seems to deliver to Portugal faster than Amazon UK and, more importantly, it seems to have a higher success rate of arriving.

Is there an Amazon Portugal in 2021?

As of 2021, there is not an Amazon Portugal, but there is now a Portuguese Amazon website run through Amazon Spain ( Despite long held rumours of an Amazon Portugal and a warehouse system opening in Portugal, Amazon does not currently exist within Portugal in anyway.

Is Amazon coming to Porto?

Sources said that Amazon could open its doors to the Portuguese public before March. The news comes after Google confirmed it will be opening a hub in Lisbon that will employ 500 people. Porto city hall have meanwhile acknowledged that it was in talks with Amazon to set up a space in the city for the US e-commerce company.

Is Amazon Spain the best way to shop in Portugal?

Most people living in Portugal shop at Amazon Spain because it offers free shipping on many items, and it’s right next door so it should be fastest, but is it actually the best option? Portugalist decided to find out. (Don’t want to read the whole article? We actually did find to be the best option for people in Portugal, but only just.

Is it better to buy books from Amazon UK or Portugal?

However, if you’re looking for English-language books or products, your selection on Amazon. es will be limited. In this case it is better to use Amazon UK or even Amazon Germany. Most books will have higher shipping rates when sent to Portugal, though it isn’t terribly expensive from the UK.

Does Amazon ship to Portugal?

Yes, you can ship Amazon items to Portugal. If you can’t find the item you want on Amazon Spain, two good alternatives are Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. The selections on all three sites are different, and you won’t have free shipping from the UK or Germany, as you will from Spain.

Where can I buy from Amazon in Europe?

Since Spain is the closest country to Portugal. When you can’t find the product on Amazon Spain, you can check Amazon UK and Amazon Germany as well. However, the selections on these sites will be different, and the shipping prices will be higher. Basically, you can use any Amazon stores in Europe.

Which is the cheapest Amazon store in Germany?

Amazon Germany ( is the second-largest Amazon store in Europe (only Amazon UK is bigger), and it’s often the cheapest Amazon store as well. It’s not only popular with shoppers in Germany and other German-speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland, but also from other European countries like Portugal .

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