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jd uk

How reassuring are JD Sportsprofits in the UK and Ireland?

Peter Cowgill, executive chairman of JD Sports, said its higher profits in the UK and Ireland were extremely reassuring despite the challenges facing the retail sector.

Who is JD Sports?

JD Sports is the official supplier and sponsor of numerous association football teams, players and associations. In August 2008, JD Sports announced sponsorship deals with AFC Bournemouth, Charlton Athletic, Dundee United, Blackpool, Luton Town & Oldham Athletic.

How did JD ever become so successful?

Amy Higginbotham, retail analyst at GlobalData, said JDs success was partly due to the popularity of athleisure, as well as offering exclusive products from premium brands such as Nike and Adidas.

What do the letters JD stand for in JD Sports?

History. The letters JD in JD Sports stand for the initials of the many founders of the company, John & David. In 1981, the company was established by John Wardle and David Makin, trading from a single shop in Bury. In 1983, the company opened a store in the Arndale Centre in Manchester. In 1989, the first store opened in Oxford Street,...

How much profit has JD Sports made in the UK?

A paid subscription is required for full access. This statistic presents the gross profit of JD Sports Fashion Plc from financial year 2011 to 2021. The UK retailer reported gross profits of around 2.96 billion British pounds in the fiscal year ending in 2021, generated through its brands operating worldwide.

Why is JD Sports’ growth trending?

One factor in JD Sports’ growth trend is the number of international sports brands the British retailer owns through acquisitions. In addition to some 610 JD Stores all over the world, the retailer also operates a growing number of stores of international sports, athleisure and outdoors brands.

Is JD Sports more resilient than Mike Ashleys Sports Direct?

In addition, continued investment in its physical stores makes JD Sports more resilient to the challenges threatening the UK High Street and having a significant impact on competitors like Mike Ashleys Sports Direct.

Is JD Sports worth more than Marks&Spencer?

With a stock market value of more than £5.5bn, JD dwarfs rival Sports Direct, which is valued at about £1.6bn. It is also more valuable than Marks & Spencer at £4.5bn, and could be promoted to the FTSE 100 at the next quarterly reshuffle.

How did JD shares rise to a record high?

JD shares have more than doubled in price in the past year. They rose to a record 917p after the results announcement and were up 0.7% at 900p in afternoon trading. Brian Small, JD’s finance director, said footwear and women’s sportswear had sold especially well.

What is the history of JD Sports?

JD Sports began as a single store, John David Sports, in Bury in 1981. While JD Sports also its Christmas trading update to warn that its UK stores were “likely” to be shut until at least Easter due to a national lockdown, said customers “readily switched” between its stores and its online business.

How did JD Sports perform in first-half profits?

The trainer and sports fashion retailer has defied gloomy patches in wider market and turned in first-half profits of £46.6m JD said its close links with Nike gave it access to other sought after brands such as Giorgio Armani’s EA7.

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