Where can I find ECMWF forecast data?

Forecasts, analyses, climate re-analyses, reforecasts and multi-model data are available from our archive (MARS) or via dedicated data servers or via point-to-point dissemination. Researchers, WMO members, commercial users and satellite data providers can gain access to ECMWF forecast products under one of our various license agreement types.

Who does ECMWF work with?

International collaboration is fundamental to the work of ECMWF, working with the EU and the meteorological community at large, including the World Meteorological Organization, space agencies, and scientists around the world.

What is education at ECMWF?

Education is a key element of our work at ECMWF, enabling our partners to get the most from ECMWFs services and develop an advanced understanding of forecasting. ECMWF workshops are open to the worldwide meteorological community, though some training is restricted to member states.

What does ECMWF do?

We provide global forecasts, climate reanalyses and specific datasets, designed to meet different user requirements. These are available via the web, point-to-point dissemination, data servers and broadcasting. ECMWF’s operational forecasts aim to show how the weather is most likely to evolve.

How can I use ECMWF data for machine learning problems?

If you have an ML problem that requires weather as an input feature (e.g. you are trying to forecast demand for umbrellas or ice-cream), you can use ECMWF data to train your ML model on historical data and use ECMWF’s real-time forecasts when predicting.

How do I get access to the ECMWF archive?

National meteorological services ( NMHS) of ECMWF Member and Co-operating States and their authorised users are granted full access to ECMWF products and services, and to list and download everything in the archive, including special datasets, projects and research experiments. To obtain access, contact your computing representative.

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