Ford pinto runabout

ford pinto runabout

What kind of car is a Ford Pinto?

The Pinto was the first subcompact vehicle produced by Ford in North America. The Pinto was marketed in three body styles through its production: a two-door fastback sedan with a trunk, a three-door hatchback, and a two-door station wagon.

What happened to the Ford Pinto fuel system?

On May 8, 1978, the NHTSA informed Ford of their determination that the Pinto fuel system was defective. The NHTSA concluded: 1971–1976 Ford Pintos have experienced moderate speed, rear-end collisions that have resulted in fuel tank damage, fuel leakage, and fire occurrences that have resulted in fatalities and non-fatal burn injuries ...

What happened to the Ford Pinto in Ulrich?

^ Schwartz 1991: In August 1978-half a year after the verdict in the tort case-a 1973 Pinto was involved in a fatal crash in Ulrich, Indiana. Indiana public officials decided to prosecute Ford for the crime of reckless homicide.

How long did it take to make a Ford Pinto?

Iacocca was in a hurry. He wanted the car in showrooms for the 1971 model year. That meant one of the shortest production planning periods in modern automotive history: just 25 months, when the normal time span was 43 months. That also meant that the Pintos tooling was developed at the same time as product development.

Who makes the Ford Pinto?

A popular car for the decade, it was produced by the Ford Motor Company, the subcompact Pinto is today best known for its propensity to combust in rear-end collisions.

What kind of car is a 1971 Ford Pinto?

1971 Ford Pinto. Brochure images courtesy The Old Car Manual Project. A popular car for the decade, it was produced by the Ford Motor Company, the subcompact Pinto is today best known for its propensity to combust in rear-end collisions.

What is your opinion on the Ford Pinto?

That Ford pinto was a darn well built car and took a pounding every day when I was in high school going back and forth on a gravel road, and even in the winter. I own a 2017 Focus ST, and the wildly unpopular opinion that had the Pinto remained in production all of these years, its progression of design would have led to the look of my car.

What kind of engine does a Ford Pinto have?

Among other Ford vehicles, a turbocharged version of this engine later powered the performance-based Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Mustang SVO, and the European-built Merkur XR4Ti. Initial Pinto deliveries in the early years used the English 1,600 cc (98 cu in) and German 2,000 cc (120 cu in) engines tuned for performance (see below).

What happened to Fords Pinto?

Apparently, Ford has not forgotten the lawsuits and the public relations disasters forged by its Pinto hatchback and sedan. The Pintos famous safety flaw, of course, was that it was prone to blowing up if rear-ended.

What was the name of the car that killed the Ulrichs?

On August 10, 1978, three teenage girls of the Ulrich family of Osceola, Indiana, were killed when the 1973 Pinto they were in was involved in a rear-end collision. The driver had stopped in the road to retrieve the cars gas cap which had been inadvertently left on the top of the car and subsequently fell onto the road.

Are Pinto car crashes true?

For years, no one sought to verify if any of the sensationalistic data on Pinto crashes was true, but in November 1990, Gary T. Schwartz, a professor at the U. C. L. A. School of Law, presented a paper at the Pfizer Distinguished Visitors Series sponsored by the Rutgers School of Law.

Did a Pinto catch fire after being rear-ended?

Pinto Madness is still available on the Mother Jones website along with a video clip showing a Pinto catching fire after being rear-ended. In an interview with Schwartz, Copp asserted that he was also a major source of the information for the Mother Jones story, Schwartz, The Myth of the Ford Pinto Case, 1027, n.53

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