Tirana albania

tirana albania

What does Tirana mean in Albanian?

Tirana (/ tɪˈrɑːnə / (listen) tih-RAH-nə, Albanian: [tiˈɾana]; Gheg Albanian: Tirona) or Tiranë (Albanian: [tiˈɾanə]) is the capital and largest city of Albania.

What is the biggest city in Albania?

Tirana, Albania. Tirana, the Republic of Albanias largest city, is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate, a plethora of beautiful churches and lush parks. Founded in 1614, some striking Mussolini-era architecture dots the city center.

What is the elevation of Tirana?

Geographically, Tirana is situated on the western slopes of Dajti Mountain in central Albania. Its average altitude is 110 meters (360 ft) above sea level and its highest point measures 1,828 metres (5,997 feet) at Mali me Gropa.

Why should you visit Tirana?

Tirana has disintegrating soviet-era buildings, brand new projects and proud historic monuments side-by-side, while the wonderful upland scenery that bounds the city to the east calls for exploration.

What does the name Tirana mean?

The meaning of the name “Tirana” is: “Capital city of Albania”. Considering Tirana as a Baby Name? The first thing you should know if you are considering Tirana for your babys name is that in most countries all over the world the name Tirana is a girl name.

Why is Tirana the capital of Albania?

The status of Tirana as the capital of the country is officially mandated by the constitution of Albania. Tirana was proclaimed by the Congress of Lushnjë as the capital of Albania, eight years following independence in 1912.

What is the area code for Tirana Albania?

Postal code. 1001–1028, 1031. Area code (s) +355 (0) 4. Vehicle registration. TR. Website. tirana.al. Tirana or Tiranë ( UK: / tɪˈrɑːnə / ( listen) tih-RAH-nə, US: / təˈrɑːnə / tə-RAH-nə, Albanian pronunciation: [tiˈɾana] or [tiˈɾanə]; Gheg Albanian: Tirona) is the capital and largest city by area and population of the Republic of Albania.

What are the physical features of Tirana?

Tirana is located in the center of Albania and is enclosed by mountains and hills with Mount Dajt elevating on the east and a slight valley on the northwest overlooking the Adriatic Sea in the distance. Due to its location within the Plain of Tirana and the close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea,...

In total, Albania has 10 cities with a total population of 2845955 people for 2022. ⚡ What is the largest city in Albania by population? The largest population in Tirana is 726 547.

What are the major port cities in Albania?

Where is Tirana Albania?

Satellite Map of Tirana, Albania Tirana, Albania Lat Long Coordinates Info The latitude of Tirana, Albania is 41.327953, and the longitude is 19.819025. Tirana, Albania is located at Albania country in the Cities place category with the gps coordinates of 41° 19 40.6308 N and 19° 49 8.4900 E.

How high is Tirana in feet?

Tirana, Albania elevation is 112 meters height, that is equal to 367 feet. Coordinates of Tirana, Albania is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. The country code given is in the ISO2 format.

What is the average precipitation in Tirana?

The average precipitation in Tirana is about 1,266 millimetres (49.8 inches) per year. The city receives the majority of precipitation in winter months, which occurs from November to March, and less in summer months, from June to September.

What is Tirana famous for?

The city is also the home to all the consulates and embassies in Albania, thereby making it an important centre for international diplomacy in the country. Tirana is a founding member of the Union of Albanian Municipalities in the Region.

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