Deji vs alex wassabi

deji vs alex wassabi

What happened between Deji and Alex Wassabi?

YouTubers Deji and Alex Wassabi clashed at the main event of Showstar Boxing on Saturday in the United Kingdom. The card featured many social media influencers up and down the billing.

When is the next fight between KSI and Alex Wassabi?

KSI vs Alex Wassabi is an upcoming professional boxing match contested between YouTubers KSI and Alex Wassabi. The bout is scheduled to take place on 27 August 2022 at The O2 Arena in London, England. [1]

Who is Alex Wassabi and what did he do?

Alex Wassabi, on the other hand, entered enemy territory looking to spoil his foes homecoming bout. His headlining bout was his amateur boxing debut.

Who is Alex Wassabi and when is his fight with KSI?

KSI is making his return to boxing very soon, with tickets to his upcoming bout against Alex Wassabi officially on sale. It will be the rapper and YouTuber’s first fight since his rematch against Logan Paul in November 2019 – so fans will be glued to the ring to see if the star’s still got it.

What happened to Dejan Deji?

Deji lost his third boxing fight to leave him contemplating retirement after a points defeat by Alex Wassabi. Wassabi was making his debut on the Showstar Boxing card but looked the more experienced fighter throughout.

Who beat Deji in the showdown of the YouTubers?

ALEX WASSABI has BEATEN Deji in the showdown of the YouTubers. A spectator jumped into the ring during the second round and attempted to hit Wassabi but was pushed out of the ring.

KSI, 28, first boxed in a white collar bout in 2018 against online rival Joe Weller, 26, beating him in round three. That fight was the first YouTube boxing bout of its kind, and kick-started multiple huge money-spinning events. While Wassabi beat KSIs brother Deji earlier this year in March. When is KSIvs Alex Wassabi?

Who is KSI fighting on DAZN pay per view?

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