Supermarkt porto

supermarkt porto

Where can I find supermarkets in Porto?

The larger supermarkets or hypermarkets are mostly found in the suburban areas surrounding the city (rather than the central/downtown area). We go to these once every fortnight, with our car! Here is a quick rundown of the main supermarket chain names that you can find in/around Porto: Pingo Doce

How do you say supermarket in Portuguese?

A useful thing to note is that ’supermarket’ in Portuguese is ’supermercado’, and ‘grocery store’ is ‘mercearia’. Jump to USEFUL PORTUGUESE WORDS & PHRASES. If youre looking for specialty shops for traditional food to bring home, jump to SUPERMARKETS IN PORTO FOR TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS.

What are the major supermarket chains in Portugal?

List of supermarket chains in Portugal. 1 Aldi - 73 stores. 2 Amanhecer - ~330 stores. 3 Apolonia Supermercados - 3 stores. 4 Auchan. 5 Continente - 700 stores. 6 Coviran - 188 stores. 7 E.Leclerc. 8 El Corte Inglés - 2 Stores. 9 Froiz. 10 The Good Food Company (selling Tesco)

Why Bom Sucesso Market in Porto?

Rich in gastronomic offerings, Bom Sucesso Market hosts the best of Porto’s culinary offerings. Fresh produce in the form of fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and meat abound, creating sensory delights for the eye, nose, and mouth.

Where to buy food in Porto?

The most popular supermarkets in Porto are Continente and Pingo Doce. Continente has many branches all over Porto, from smaller corner shops to supermarkets outside of the city. The larger ones often stock all kinds of foods from all over the world and fresh meats and fish sold at special butcher counters.

What are the supermarkets in Portugal like?

GENERAL/CHAIN SUPERMARKETS IN PORTO These are in Porto (or Portugal) what Tesco and Sainsbury’s are in London or the UK. They offer a good variety of popular, local name-brand products at affordable or low prices. Some of these stores may be very small compared to what you’re used to (especially if you come from the USA!).

Are all the shopping centres open in Porto?

Yes, all the shopping centres are open every day of the week and often very late. Some shops on the main streets will be closed on Sundays (and public holidays) but are open on Saturday mornings. So, if you are thinking about shopping in Porto we can tell you that you will find great deals on major brands in all the places I suggested.

What is the most fashionable street in Porto?

Rua de Santa Catarina is the most fashionable street in Porto, with dozens of stores up and down the street. We must warn you, though, that unlike Lisbon, Porto does not have luxury brand stores like Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Burberry. Rua de Santa Catarina does have the most well-known stores including:

What supermarkets are in Portugal?

What Supermarkets are in Portugal? 1 Continente (700 Stores) 2 Minipreco (620 Stores) 3 Pingo Doce (450 Stores) 4 Lidl (255 Stores) 5 Intermarche (200 Stores) 6 Spar (130 stores) 7 Aldi (73 stores) 8 Apolonia (3 Stores) More ...

What are the top 10 supermarket chains in Spain?

1 Aldi 2 Amanhecer - ~330 stores 3 Apolonia Supermercados - 3 stores 4 Auchan 5 Continente - 519 stores 6 Coviran - 188 stores 7 E.Leclerc 8 El Corte Inglés 9 Froiz 10 Intermarché More items...

How many retail chains are there in Portugal?

This statistic portrays the number of retail chains by sector in Portugal in the year 2021. The leading sector was fashion and clothing, with 72 chains, followed by home ware, with 43 chains. Furniture and decoration ranked in the third place, with 32 chains.

How many Lidl stores are there in Portugal?

This supermarket chain has 519 shops around Portugal so far, including Madeira and Azores islands. Lidl was initially founded in Germany and is now one of the most popular discount supermarket chains in the whole of Europe. The prices are very reasonable and there is a rich variety of international food products.

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