Scrolling text

scrolling text

What is scrolling in web design?

What Does Scrolling Mean? Scrolling is the sliding movement of images, video or text across a display screen either vertically or horizontally. Scrolling can be done with or without user intervention.

How do I make text scroll?

To make your text scroll right (i.e. from left to right), use behavior=scroll and direction=right. Like this: Here is some scrolling text... left to right! To make your text scroll up (i.e. from bottom to top), use behavior=scroll and direction=up.

How do you scroll down in Portuguese?

4 Em Portugal, o uso corrente é dizer «fazer scroll». Apesar de esse ser o uso mais idiomático, no CiberDúvidasindicam (e muito bem!) que: A tradução correcta de «scroll down» seria, tal como usa na pergunta, «rolar para baixo», ou, até, «deslocar para baixo».

How do you scroll in a video game?

In the case of video games, tile-based scrolling is widely used. Scrolling is usually done with the help of scroll bars located at the sides of an applications window.

What is vertical scrolling in web design?

Vertical scrolling is the navigational norm. Aside from the occasional stylistic embellishment, every web page structures its content vertically. So, naturally, users will expect to scroll this way and not left-to-right. It’s okay to break a design rule every so often to add some visual flair and spice.

What type of scrolling should you use on your website?

The type of scrolling you use on your website should depend on your content. The basic function of scrolling is to allow users to digest as much or as little of your content as they wish, so it’s important to tailor the experience to your offerings. Extremely content-rich sites may want to investigate infinite long-scrolling.

Why are scroll lengths so important in web design?

The simple answer is mobile devices. Ever since mobile users have surpassed desktop users, UI designers everywhere have adjusted accordingly. And with so many users on smaller screens, scrolling is becoming more of a necessity: the smaller the screen, the longer the scroll.

Are hybrid scroll patterns the new trend in web design?

In fact, some hybrid patterns are emerging as the latest trend in scrolling. For example, the “fixed-in-place scroll” that we use on our own UXPin tour page creates the same interactive experience of a traditional long-scroll site without stretching the site vertically. Is Scrolling Right for You?

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