International parcel service

international parcel service

Does Parcelforce offer reliable international delivery?

We offer reliable international delivery 99.6% of the world. Find out about our range of guaranteed services here. International Parcel Delivery | Parcelforce Worldwide Minus Icon Created with Sketch.

Does parcel monkey offer international tracking?

Full USPS international tracking included. Parcel Monkey Priority International is our own brand express courier service, offering delivery from the US to most major destinations in 1-3 business days. This service provides express international shipping times to destinations worldwide at a lower price than many standard expedited services.

What is the International Parcel Service/FIPS service phishing scam?

What is the International Parcel Service/FIPS service phishing scam? Scammers are sending out Parcel Service mail email and text scams to potential victims.

Why choose our cheap international package delivery services?

Our cheap international package delivery services cover over 240 destinations worldwide, helping you reduce your shipping costs and reach friends, relatives and new customers, anywhere in the world. Well even help you complete any necessary customs documents during the booking process.

How can Parcelforce Worldwide help with delivery in Europe?

Delivery time varies across Europe but it is important that customers are given a clear date of delivery or, failing that, a clear window of delivery. Parcelforce Worldwide is committed to enhancing tracking and SMS deployment so that goods can be monitored more closely. Consistency gives the consumer confidence to purchase again.

How do I deliver a parcel to the recipient?

Directly to the recipient’s home/business address. Deliver to your recipient’s local post office. Deliver to your recipient’s nearest Parcelforce Worldwide depot.

When did Royal Mail become Parcelforce?

In 1990 Royal Mail Parcels was rebranded to Parcelforce, along with a massive investment in IT and infrastructure with the introduction of online tracking and the construction of our National and International sorting hubs. Then in 1998 the business was rebranded to Parcelforce Worldwide.

Why looking for an international courier?

Looking for an international courier? You’ll find everything you need to make the world feel much smaller. We offer reliable international delivery tailored to local conditions. You enjoy an unbeatable choice of speed and value.

How does Parcel Monkey work? There are more ways to ship a package than through the Post Office. You can book a courier for a discounted price with Parcel Monkey to take care of shipping your packages securely. Select your destination - choose where you are shipping from and delivering to. Provide the weight of your package.

Are the International Parcel/FIPS service text parcel notifications real or fake?

The International Parcel / FIPS Service text parcel notifications below are fakes. The fake messages, which claim the recipients parcel has been stopped for unpaid customs fees, are scams created by cybercriminals to steal their potential victims personal and financial information.

What is a parcel service email scam?

Scammers are sending out Parcel Service mail email and text scams to potential victims. The email will claim there is a package and if the recipients need to receive it, they need to either respond to the email, click on a link in the email, or call a telephone number provided in the email.

What is a phishing scam?

What is a phishing scam? It’s a type of fraud that tries to get vital information from a person such as their email address, phone number, or Social Security number. The information is used for a variety of purposes, including organized crime, identity theft, and more. Phishing Scams: Full List Below

Is it safe to use a Phishing simulation?

The company creates phishing simulations to help prevent phishing scams by giving staff members an idea of how scams work in the real world. Yes, it is probably safe, but it is not real. It is a fake domain designed for use with fake phishing emails.

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