Biblioteca nacional lisboa

biblioteca nacional lisboa

What is Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal?

The Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal is the Portuguese national library, fulfilling the function of legal deposit and copyright. The library was created by Decree of 29 February 1796, under the name of Royal Public Library of the Court.

What is the National Library of Portugal?

The National Library of Portugal is the largest library in the country and a prestigious institution on the cultural scene. It collects, processes and preserves the nations bibliographic heritage and makes it available to the intellectual and scientific community.

What is the BNP digital National Library?

The Digital National Library provides access to all the digitised resources of the BNP, interlinking with the BNP Catalogue. The content of this digita library is also available through TEL - The European Library and Europeana.

Who are the international partners of the digitization policy?

Other international partners are Gallica - which is the National Digital Library of France -, the National Library of Argentina and the Digital Library of the Ibero-american Heritage. Meet some of the criteria used for the digitization policy formulation: preservation state.

What is the BNF doing with digital documents?

The BnF proposes two other more specific repositories of digital documents: The Banque d’images from the Reproduction Department, resulting from customers’ orders. Mandragore, database of the BnF digitized manuscripts, where each miniature is described in detail.

How big is the Library of Congress Digital Library project?

If you search digital library project + library of congress on the web, you will get a cluttered view of what the Library of Congress is providing. The Library of Congress Global Gateway at has about 200,000 documents currently.

What is the Library of Congress doing with the Internet?

The Library of Congress is trying to extend its brick and mortar library services to include services to the entire web. While the original Library was focused on the needs of the US Congress, it now struggles with dealing with the whole world through the Internet.

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