As it was lyrics

as it was lyrics

Who wrote the chorus to Como by Michael Jackson?

I wrote the chorus with my boy Corey and he’s an amazing songwriter from New York. I had two producers on the record for “Como,” which were Doctor Zeus and Chris Jedi. We came to the studio it was like in the summer, and I remember it being a hot day.

What is a good sentence for come as you are?

Come As You Are. Come as you are, as you were. As I want you to be. As a friend, as a friend. As a known enemy. Take your time, hurry up. Choice is yours, dont be late.

Why did Kurt Cobain dislike the song Come as you are?

Danny Goldberd, Nirvanas manager, said, Kurt was nervous about Come as You Are because it was too similar to a Killing Joke song Eighties, but we all thought it was still the better song to go with. And he was right: Killing Joke later did complain about it.

Who wrote the song off the wall by Michael Jackson?

Songwriters for the album included Jackson, Rod Temperton, Stevie Wonder, and Paul McCartney. Off the Wall was the first solo album to generate four top 10 hits in the United States: Off the Wall, Shes Out of My Life, and the chart-topping singles Dont Stop Til You Get Enough and Rock with You.

Who did Michael Jackson record music with?

Michael Jackson recorded music encompasses providing background vocals for other artists like Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, La Toya Jackson, Rebbie Jackson, Janet Jackson, Barry Gibb, and 3T. He has collaborated with singers and musicians including The Jackson 5, Paul McCartney, and Freddie Mercury.

Does Michael Jackson sing background vocals on other songs?

He has provided background vocals for songs recorded by other artists, as well as featured on duets. Jackson debuted on the professional music scene at age five as a member of The Jackson 5. The group set a chart record when its first four singles— I Want You Back (1969), ABC (1970),...

An invitation to attend something without making changes to or otherwise hiding your usual or natural self. A: Do you think flip-flops are too casual? B: Probably not. Nance did say, Come as you are. Come as you are. Show up imperfectly in the world, embracing the flaws that come with humanity.

What is the meaning of Kurt Cobains come as you were?

Matt from Uk, England This ingenious song is about people conforming to particular fashions and trends (which Kurt deplored) in which Kurt is extending a welcome to outsiders to join him (Come as you are, as you were, as I want you to be...).

Why did Kurt Cobain not want to be in the video?

The video was directed by Kevin Kerslake, who also did Nirvanas videos for In Bloom and Sliver . According to Kerslake, Cobain didnt want to be in the video, as seeing himself on magazine covers was making him sick of himself.

How did Kurt Cobain kill himself from Killing Joke?

Dave Grohl is a big fan of Killing Joke and helped them out by playing drums on their 2003 self-titled album. In this song, Cobain sings over and over, I dont have a gun. Less than three years after the song was released, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Did Kurt Cobain write Polly?

For those of you who may not know, ‘ Polly’ is a song by Nirvana, once again written by vocalist and guitarist Kurt Cobain. The track is the sixth song on their second studio album ‘Nevermind’ which was released in September 1991.

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