Bairro alto restaurant

bairro alto restaurant

What is Bairro Alto Hotel?

In a space that breathes the bohemian and irreverent aura of the artists who created the city, stands BAHR - Bairro Alto Hotel Restaurant, with a restaurant area, the bar and an amazing terrace.

Whats new at Bairro Alto?

Located in an historic building between Bairro Alto and Chiado, the fantastic Bairro Alto Hotel has recently had some major renovations, but is now back in full swing. And best of all: back with an even better rooftop bar and restaurant than before.

What to eat in Bairro Alto?

Bairro Alto combines the cosmopolitan luxury, the tourist mix on a plate, the portuguese tradition and the ultimate ‘trendy’ cuisine. And, somehow, it works. In the heart of Bairro Alto, Alfaia restaurant is renowned for its wine selection and typical Portuguese flavors and regional recipes.

Who is Bairro Alto chef Shay Ola?

After running restaurants in London, Paris and Berlin, chef Shay Ola opened this small venue (no more than 20 seats) in bustling Bairro Alto. He is devoted to, quite literally, cooking with fire – roasting crab legs in miso butter and goat (for delicious tacos) over hot coals. In English, the restaurant’s name means ‘burnt’.

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