Smart parking

smart parking

What is smart parking and how does it work?

In a nutshell, Smart Parking is a parking solution that can include in-ground Smart Parking sensors, cameras or counting sensors. These devices are usually embedded into parking spots or positioned next to them to detect whether parking bays are free or occupied.   This happens through real-time data collection.

What is intelligent parking system?

The intelligent parking system enables drivers to book the parking spots in advance and also get real-time accessibility of the parking spaces on their mobile devices. Smart Parking is one of the most acquired and developing Smart City Solutions across the world.

Who is SmartPark?

Smart Parking has forged a relationship with Telstra Australia, becoming their preferred supplier of intelligent parking technology in May 2017. A SmartPark guidance system at Ormiston Town Centre enhances the customer experience in one of NZ’s newest community hubs.

Why smart parking for hospitals?

Hospitals and medical centres are required to provide a range of parking options, and without proper car park management parking spaces can be severely underutilised. Supermarkets experience a high turnover of vehicles in their car park every day and Smart Parking has a strong track record delivering a working car park solution.

What can SmartPark do for You?

the most convenient parking tech around. Everything is automatic ... paying for parking. No more tedious admin and reconciling parking expenses. fleet vehicles with ease. jobs and departments. And theres more ... Fleet Tracking Where can I use SmartPark? SmartPark Live is currently available for use in Wellington, New Zealand.

Does SmartPark offer short term airport parking?

We offer short term airport parking and long term airport parking as well! Ensuring your parking experience is easy, safe, fast & convenient with SmartPark. PHL airport parking Rates starting at $13.95 including shuttle!

Who is smart parking limited?

Smart Parking Limited has been an Australian Securities Exchange ( ASX:SPZ) publicly listed company since early 2011. Paul was appointed CEO of Smart Parking in January 2013 and comes with over 17 years experience in the parking technology market place.

What is a SmartPark garage?

Our mission is to support the economic viability of the Central City by providing an affordable system of parking garages which primarily meets the short-term needs of shoppers, visitors and business clients and by investing in other Central City transportation improvements. Interactive map of SmartPark Garage locations.

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